2012. április 28., szombat

Had fun ~ ♥

Hey guys ~ Today was a reeeeally hot day here ._____. felt like summer. We went to the zoo after 11 am, but there were a LOT of people already.. Seemed like everybody had the idea to go to the zoo this Saturday. But it was ok. We ate ice cream, saw funny animals, and met a few friends, haha. It was tiring tho ~ And, smoking in hot weather is a killer... I should give it up soon. Here is today's outfit ~
Today's make-up ~
And some zoo stuff ~ ^^
Badass looking snake >.<
Look at that mouth! hahaha
So cute >.<
Japanese garden ~
Ohh, and I'm so excited ! Can't wait to get my contact lenses ordered from www.eyeluver.com ! I think I'll do a review of them. Ordered 4 pairs. But I have to deal with a lot of negative things til I'll receive them T_T Feels like running out of the world ~ I started to feel extremely scared cuz of exams.. ;_____; now I'm going to STUDY ;____; see you ~ ♥

2012. április 27., péntek

Let's start! ♥

Heya guys ~ I'm starting my new blog, since my life changed (almost) completely, I felt like I have to find another place to blog. So here I am :3 I'm a Hungarian gal with a confusing personality~ I fell in love with Japan more than 5 years ago, and I know it won't change. 2 years ago I got interested in Korea and now, Korean underground music is the second most important thing in my life (guess what's the first, lol). People say I'm tiny (163 cm with 46 kg), and I really am, HATE IT. SUCKS. Wanna have long legs ;____; By the way, I'm not that good at introductions, so I have a few pictures instead ♥
I miss my old hair ;______;
I have to improve my make-up skills T.T
Don't forget about my loves ♥
I LOVE EGG & POPTEEN >.< ♥ So as you can see my blog is quite simple now, it's because I'm using all my energy to study for my upcoming exams...guys...graduation sucks. it sure does. Be happy if you're already passed, or if you're younger, be happy it didn't happened yet. really. BUT TOMORROW! I have one day off from studying. I'm going to the zoo :3 with my bestie ♥ It's going to be fun *q* That's all for tonight ~ ♥