2013. március 22., péntek

My age is nineteen, vision is HD ! :D

Helloo ~

Here I am, one year older ^____^

and me and my fam got good news! The travel agency offered us the same trip for free, just another time, in May ~ So we might go thenn ~ (My parents sure will) I dont know yet, cuz I entered a photo contest, and if I win, I will be in Singapore at that time xDDDD

After we got home from Prague, I was really bored so I did my hair and took a few pics xD (camwhooore = =)

And the day of my bday!
I dont really like to organize myself parties, so this time wasnt different ~ I had a small celebration at home with my parents, but before that I met Sziszi and she gave me my present, hair extensions *wwwww* I was so happyy, because it exactly matched my hair colour TwT Yes, it's past tense cuz I went to the hair salon yesterday and even though I showed my hairdresser that I want colour like my extensions, she made it darker T___________________________________T so my happiness is gone x"DDDDD

I should stop posting so many pics of myself :"DDDDD
But since I don't go anywhere, I can't take pics T______________T fml

So, that's it for now ^^ One of my Japanese friends is coming to visit me on Monday *__________* so excited, but so nervous :"DDD He used to be gyaru-o so he loves gyaru...muhhahaha

I'm out ~

2013. március 16., szombat

Winter chaos in Hungary, and my cancelled trip

Hello guys!

So I'm sad to let u know that I didn't travel to Prague T___T
The reason is the snowstorm that happened to hit Hungary 3 days ago.
It was told that cold and snow is coming on Thursday, so if someone doesn't have to, shouldn't drive or travel anywhere at that time. However, the roads weren't clean enough, so the cars that had been on the highways M1 and M7, were stuck there after 1-2 hours. The snow itself wasnt really heavy, but because of the wind, it happened to appear more and more high. Snowing lasted for more almost 2 days non-stop.

For us, we didn't know about the blocked highways, and our trip was already paid, so we started the journey on Friday, 6 am. around 7:30 we arrived to the beginning of the highway M1, but it was blocked by the police, first we thought there was an accident, but the road was completely free. We had anothet choice, said the police, highway M7. But we were turned back from there too. So in the end, we decided to try again enxt morning, but later during the afternoon, the agency called my mum that the whole trip is cancelled. I'm pretty curious if we get some money back, since this wasnt the agency's responsibility.

BBC about the rescue:


More than 5000 cars, more than 10 000 people were stuck on the highways for one day or more, without food, water, and gas. People didn't even know about them for at lest 10 hours (no news about it, nothing) but after that, people started to organize groups, to help the others with food, warm drink, or even accomodation. Restaurants opened and offered free food. It was so good to see that Hungarians are finally together. But sad, that this kind of thing has to be happened to achieve this.

I'm proud of all those who tried to help! I wanted too, but I couldnt even go out from Budapest...

This was the place where we were turned back

Right now, as stated by the police, all the people were rescued, but a lot of cars were left on the highways. Hundreds are staying at hospices and school, waiting to be able to continue their travels. The cars are being transported at the moment. I'm angry, but also happy. Angry because of the government, and happy because Hungarians showed who they really are. God bless you!

2013. március 12., kedd

Right or left?

Which direction should I go?
Left, where's nothing right, or right, where's nothing left...?

I'm feeling surprisingly strong though. It hurts like hell. But this time I didn't break down. Because I know, that I'm never alone. He is always by my side. In my heart. In my prayers. ~
One of my friends sent me a song and I can't stop listening to it. It just gives me happiness.

Anyways, I'm always thankful for the best memories of my life :)


I realized that the last post wasnt complete at all, I missed a few happenings XDD
Like, I met Kaorin (I went to Japan with her <3), and we had bubble tea *w*Our friend is working at the bubble tea shop so we sometimes visit her ~

my favourite picture XDDD

I do too much camwhoring T_______T
definitely too much T____T
I slept at one of my friend's place that night ~
I spent the day after at home, and in the evening, I ordered sushi with some miso soup *ww*

and the next day, I met a friend, and then went to Sziszi's place ~ <3
I bought some sushi for her ~

The day after were nothing as usual. I went to Starbucks,or just was suffering at home xD But I took a few outfit pics! Almost the same though ^^"

Finally, ladies and gentleman...


So, that's it ~ I'm leaving to Prague for the weekend early Friday morning, but I'll try to update u guys from there ^^

I'm out ~~

2013. március 8., péntek

Encouraging myself.

Hey guys.

I should make up a new greeting, this is getting pretty boring x3
I'm still living the boring life, but I might get to work soon! *fingers crossed* TwT
So I'm just staying home all day, or go out meet my friends. Nothing special...

At the end of february I went to a party with friends, as cats xD

And last saturday, I managed to get really wasted so I lost the chain of my d.i.a. top. FML TwT definitely a lesson. blah...

Oh and 2 days ago, I got rid of my braces after 2 years! *wwwwwww* Now I finally love my smile TwT I should take some pics :D

I did take some though, but not of my smile ~

I should take more outfit shots T.T

with my cutie TwT

I really got interested in cosplaying lately -thanks to my bestie- xD

I think that's it for today ^^ I'll post again next week before I go to Prague for a few days *w*

Byebye ~

I'm out ~