2012. október 24., szerda

Usual things,partyin and a scary fact.

Yo ~~

I decided to write a blogpost since I have nothing to do and I'm bored T___T All I do is daydreaming about the clothes I'll order later this year XD

So first of all, this is dedicated to the people who are hating on me because of my face. It doesn't meet your standards, but who cares? I was always skinny, but I keep losing weight lately, and I don't know why. No matter how hard I try, I am 43-44 kg now. At the age of 18. I don't think this is healthy at all, and all my friends are worried. I am, too. Just think before u start bitching.

So tossing away all the bad things, I'm going to travel to the countryside on Saturday *w* OMGGGGGGGGGG , I'm so freakin happy!!! I probably wont be able to blog, but I'll try anyways ^^ Can't wait to see all my friends and relatives there <33333 (note: except my mother and father, and some relatives (like 3), everyone is living in the countryside so I see them 3-4 times a year TT)
but now, I'm happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~

OHH! Something I almost forgot. Nippon Groove on last Saturday. Jeeeeeeeesus how many drinks I had. Don't even remember, friends just kept buying me drinks. It started at Loo's place, and countinued later at the party. I had so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuun!! This party is much better when u're drunk. in fact, EVERYTHINGS better when u're drunk. ewww >.<

OHH!#2 I met Xee 2 days ago. ^_______^ (he is one of my best friends <3) Had a great day with him ~~

Pictures ~~

before partyin   

with Loo

this..... I JUST HAD TO XDDD

 baibaii ~~


2012. október 19., péntek

Becoming a gyaru , November 2011-October 2012 (picture heavy!)

Yo! ^^

In my previous post I told u guys that I will make this  post, so here you go! (Warning: at some parts, u better cover your eyes,and also Im not responsible for any mental breakdowns or anything)

November, 2011. At this time, I didn't wear bottom lashes because they aren't really sold in my country. So I didn't look gyaru at all, LOL


This pic is just LOL. Still couldn't use bottom lashes cuz I couldn't get them *sigh* Also I was still stuck with my street fashion-fanatism
I dyed my bangs blonde in early January. in this picture I tried out normal lashes as bottom lashes, haha

February,oh. I think I started to improve, if even just a little bit. Still awkward tho..

not much to say, but I loved these contact lenses so much T.T

March..well...I found only one picture from March TwT I just cut my hair short and didn't show any improvement, BUT! in early April, I finally ordered bottom lashes, so I almost (really almost) looked as a gyaru should look. Maybe.



one of my first attempts with bottom lashes...well... I looked....funny.
May. I found only one "okay" pic again..

I think by this time I was okay. I like my hair here 8D

June & July! The two months I'm most satisfied with. In June my exams took all my time but at the end of the month, and early July, I WENT TO TOKYO! And it was definitely a huge step for me on the way of Gyaru ~ My makeup wasnt that excellent tho....In fact, NOT AT ALL. lol.

the day right before I went to the city of my dreams ~ LOL

And the miracle began, LOL.

After spending one week in Tokyo, I changed. like...like really changed D:

August! Freshman camp, millions of drinks, and...just summer

September, when uni started ^^ I loved being a blonde so much T3T

However, now, in October, I dyed my hair again TwT

late September-Early october, still blonde..


I dont really like it tho.... but well, this was my gyaru revolution, ~~~~
Whenever you think that u suck at the style, look at my picture, and remember...EVERYONE HAS THE CHANCE, THERE'S STILL HOPE 8DD
see ya guys later <3

2012. október 16., kedd

アメーバ ~~

I finally registered to Ameba, to get to practice Japanese more and more, as it's getting harder and harder at university T.T I'll try to blog a bit in Japanese, but please be patient x3 I nearly have no idea how to use it lol ~~ But feel free to visit me there ^^


Otherwise, I'm not in a good condition at all. But me no likes whining, so sorry bros.
This is gonna be a happy post ^^

We had a night out with uni people, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures T.T
The next day was the day of Mondocon 2012, Budapest's autumn animecon. I only went to the first day tho. Cuz I was exhausted on Sunday, I had to study, and it was raining.
I arrived REALLY late with my friend (because of the night before LOL) so we spent there a good 2,5 hours lol. Was fun tho :3

Also, my stuff was shipped from China a few days ago, so I'll get it in a max of 2 weeks I guess. Can't wait to show u what I got *-* ALSOOO, can't wait to go to Düsseldorf with Sziszii ~Sad thing tho that the others won't be there with us TT (Swagepoyo <3)

I decided to make my own gyaru-revolution post too, Ive been hesitating for a couple of weeks now, but who cares, I'm gonna do it :D LOL. Embarrassed in advance.

Anyways, I'm gonna go off to study some more kanjis.See you guys ~

2012. október 15., hétfő

Introducing our gal circle 'Swagepoyo' !

Hey cuties ~

I'm pretty much neglecting my blog again (TT") but for now I wanna introduce our gal cir which is currently the only one in Hungary. (Not the first tho)

So the name is : Swagepoyo

Members are:


  • Birthday: December 19. (keeping her age in secret, LOL)
  • Favourite brands: Adidas, Buzz Spunky, d.i.a., LIP SERVICE
  • Inspirations: Sayoko Ozaki, Shizuka Takeda, Kanako Kawabata, Manami Suzuki, Yui Minemura, Reiko Ide
  • She's aiming to be a great dancer in the future. I'm sure she will succeed


  • DOB: 1994.10.10.
  • Favourite brands: Jesus Diamante, La Pafait, Liz Lisa, MA*RS, W♥C
  • Inspirations: Sakurina, Tsubasa Masuwaka


  • DOB. 1995.08.08.
  • Favourite brands: BOY, Promode, Louis Vuitton, Chanel
  • Inspirations: Sayoko Ozaki, Anna Fujita, Nemoyayo, (SOMETIMES XD) Manya



  • DOB: 1995.02.12.
  • Favourite brands: Liz Lisa, MA*RS, d.i.a., galaxxxy, COCOLULU
  • Inspirations: Kanako Kawabata, Mipochi, Neeko, Re:NO,Sakurina
  • Her favourite styles are rokku, ora ora and amekaji


  • DOB: 1994.03.20. (I'm actually the oldest member and it feels scary ._____.)
  • Favourite brands: d.i.a., CRAZYTRIBE, SLANGY
  • Inspirations: Mipochi, Areinyan, Manya, Sakochi, Yumachi, Kate Riho, Raina Ogami
  • I found myself in ora ora-kei 

Actually I'm so proud of ourselves (Ruki and me), cuz we've been able to gather these few Hungarian gals together. I'm so happy ^^. We changed the cir's name not so long ago, originally our name was "Flashback", but then Ruki came up with this idea which I liked A LOT. Ruki previously was a member of another gyarusa called "Beiguri", but they're going on separate ways now. Chiyo was also there with her so we formed "Flashback" together. Then I got to know Sziszi and thought that she would really fit in the group (we need a cute hime haha ♥). Nico's joining was suggested by Ruki.

Although she is living in another town, we're happy to have her with us ~~

Like our facebook page, if you want to ^^ 

Show us some love ^^ 

2012. október 8., hétfő

Oh well..


I was really busy during this last few days, cuz my bestie had a Korean guest at her place, but since she was working almost every day, I was the one to show the guy around in the city ~~
He is really cool , hitchhiking all the way from Korea to Europe, WOW! I was happy to meet him, also his other friends who stayed in Budapest ~~

Here is a pic of me and him:

Oh yes, I went to the hairdresser last week ~~ Didn't want my hair to be THIS dark, but I still got that small blondie part at the top LOL. I want to make it grey/silver, but Im waiting for my hair to recover a bit >.<

I f*cked up my makeup, cuz I was in a hurry, lol TwT

went to partyy ~~

So anyways, university is gettin a bit harder, I have to study a lot of Japanese... (I'd rather say I would have to, but I'm really trying hard!) Can't wait for the autumn break to start T.T wanna go to the countryside so bad, and have some rest ~~ I haven't been feeling really well lately...not physically, but rather emotionally and stuff like that...

But I still got today's inspirations <333

I'm gonna be like this in the future <3 (except the Natural 9 guy, LOL.)

see ya~~