2012. május 28., hétfő

Happy but frustrated ~

Hey cuties ~ Sorry for coming late ~
I was busy getting myself to study and getting over some bad things...
But now, I feel extremely excited. But that thing comes later. At least when it will be 100% sure.

Okay, so, today, I went for a short walk with my parents. Brought my new bag with me (used it for the first time haha, I LOVE IT) and dressed up casually. Here it is:
Didn't want to put on the sweater, but it was a bit cold, and a bit rainy as well.
I was wearing the Sesame Grey ones today. And they were pretty uncomfortable.They got dry fast. Otherwise, when I was wearing them, and was looking at my laptop, my visions were literally blurred. A bit disappointing, but I still love them.

A couple of pics from these days:

I cut my wig bangs! Looks much better now. c: Not the best pic of me tho. Haha.

I think I should change my make-up a bit. But just don't know where to start.. T^T
I want to change a lot before summer, actually. Going to dye my hair blonde. Decided to get pink stripes in it along with my lovely and beautiful Rukitaina <3 We are going to be twins c:

SHOUTOUT TO HER: utállak ribanc.

Anyways, it's going to be a fun summer, after I pass all my final exams (: And we arrived to the reason why I feel frustrated. ;____________________________________;

I think that's all for tonight. C:
byebyee ~

2012. május 18., péntek

Some photography stuff ~ Sky collection ♥

Hey cuties ~ Just wanna share some of my sky photos ~~
I'm in love with the sunset, bright sky, every kind of sky hahaha
So I take photos of it almost every day ~

 The last one is my favourite ^^
Sky is such a beautiful thing in life >.<

2012. május 16., szerda

4 new pairs of contact lenses ~~ !! ♥

Today, the contact lenses finally arrived :3 I was soooo happy, and I still am of course.
Okay, don't worry, these aren't all mine :D We ordered together with a few of my friends, cuz the site has a minimum amount of order. Ohh, the site : www.eyeluver.com . They ship from Malaysia, I think it's a kind of wholesale, that's why it's so cheap. Love it!

I choosed a Nudy Blue, Bambi Sesame Grey, the Chocolate Brown one of the GEO Bambi series, and a black one called Komy Black. My favourite is the Sesame Grey *-*

My hair looks YELLOW. OwO Sorry about that, it's basically blonde.

It covers the natural color of my eyes ALMOST perfectly, of course with flash it's more conspicuous.

BAMBI CHOCOLATE BROWN  ♥ Looks exactly like in the pictures on the site, and is soooo pretty!

It doesnt have that enlarging effect, so it can be called "natural". Maybe, haha. I love it so much! Although I don't like my brown eyes, I love this brown color.
Ohh, sorry about covering my face, I couldn't take a good picture, haha.

the next one: Princess Nudy Blue
Nudy is supposed to be bright, isn't it? Shame on my eyes, they are really dark, so it got that darker blue color. But still nice ♥ They were really dry at the first time, but the second time, they became comfortable.

And the biggest surprised for me: Komy Black!
THEY ARE HUGE O_____O When I first looked at them I couldn't find out how I will manage this to get on my eyes. Seriously, it's big. And a bit creepy at first. But

You maybe can't see it on this pictures, it's more spectacular without make-up.

There is only one thing I'm not satisfied with. They didn't send the lens cases I ordered. I don't know buy. But well, I don't mind, I'm going to buy them tomorrow at Rossmann :D:D
Finally a really happy thing ♥ I was in a bad mood yesterday, after I visited the dermatologist. Ok, I don't want to think about it again. Just be happy with my new cuties

See you lateeer ~~~

2012. május 15., kedd

Outfit and some make-up. AND INSPIRATION.

Heya, I'm here again ^^
Yesterday I showed my unique style to the world, so it was a mix of gyaru AND Natsu. I hope u like it ~ My hair looked a bit gyaru-o tho, haha. [taken with my phone, not that good >.<]

OH, talking about my phone, let me show u my very first deco-den:
couldn't find better pic of it >.< and sorry about my face, too.

Soo, continuing with yesterday's and today's make-up (looked all the same haha):

I can't wait to get my new lenses >.< They should arrive this week >.<
Anyways, I promised you some inspirational stuff for today. So, here it is :)

These are my favourites that I found.
To be honest, I'm really really tired now, but I promised someone that I'll stay up late, til it will be morning in his country. It will be a strong fight. Sorry for cutting the end of the post, but I... >.< I just can't finish it now >.<

Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeiii ~~

2012. május 14., hétfő

Trying to blog about nothing in the morning

Hi guys ~
I really feel like blogging now but I just don't know what to write. So I guess I'll just go random ~
Since I don't have to go to school in May, I have enough time to prepare for the exams in June. I'm soooo scared. I lose all my speaking skills when it comes to oral exams.

I look like this when I have to talk to my teachers during exam: 
Other things now. I'm considering buying Diamond Lash stuff, cuz I don't seem to be able to wait til I go to Japan... And that will be only after summer... I'm not a patient person, everybody knows it. ^^"
I spend money reeeally really easily, and this is ruining my financial status, LOL. But there are waaaaaaaaaay too many things I love and want to buy.. ;_____; for example these:

They will be the next gift for myself
Okay, enough for now, haha. See you later ~~

2012. május 13., vasárnap

Life is harsh :D

Hey cuties ~

I decided to write a longer post today. And luckily I have a few stories to tell, haha. Starting with yesterday's happenings.
There was this guy with a really dark (ORANGE?!) skin at the tanning salon. So, wow. He literally wanted to kiss me, and started hugging and touching me all over. Bwaaahhh....Didn't even know what to do, cuz my bestie already started her 6 minutes, and there was NOBODY not even in the salon, but on the streets as well. I got a SHOCK. So I tried to push him away and just prayed for someone to come in. When my bestie was already finished, we tried to get  out of that place asap, but the guy was just talking and talking and talking...Gosh, he really pissed me off. Do I look like a slut?? seriously. I'm glad I wasn't raped..........

After that we had to wait a LOT for the metro, cuz there was a football match with really aggressive fans, so there was a metro that didn't even stop, and the next one was full of riot police members. I have an obsession about riot police and commando stuff, so I was totally in love with those six guys standing around us.(There were more of them tho). So I stared especially at one guy, who was the tallest , and I think I got his attention too. Hahahahaha. One of the passengers(an older man) always tried to took pictures of them, while they wasn't looking, and it got REALLY AWKWARD after the 7th stop. Gosh :D Now, they were standing closer, next to us, cuz they kept people from getting on the metro(I dont know why...) So 2 of them were standing at each door. When they were finally about getting off, MY FAVE greeted us and said: "Goodbye, ladies". and Natsu died. hahaha. I could hardly reply because I was so surprised. Soooo after that, came the 2 hours of fangirling. I feel so sorry for my bestie. LOL. I immediately forgot that perv orange guy and was so happy, ^^""""

I know, it IS weird, but I can't help it c:

Today's thing is something different. At first, I didnt know if I should cry about it or smile, but I decided to smile :D  Gyaru Secrets is a really harsh,mean and pathetic site where girls from my style (gyaru) anonymously harrass each other about their looks, makeup, or whatever. Honestly, I find this extremely disgusting. TODAY, I had the possibility to show up on the site as well, along with my Rukitaina (<3). Someone said we did HORSE COSPLAY, and failed at GYARU. Anyways, everyone is protecting us : "but horses are cute" (LOL @ this one), "they look gorgeous." AND THE CUTEST ONE: "lol secret fail. they're obviously pretty ♥ they remind me of Yumachi and Aina a bit (not exactly)" She said we almost look like Yumachi and Aina <3333333333 We are so proud! :3 And we won't care about other's opinion. Fuck off, and get a life ;D

OMG, I almost forgot. I GRADUATED, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Still have 5 exams left, hahaha. but still :3

A few pics at the end, to calm down, haha: 

 Today's favourite <3 :
With my family at the graduation ceremony :3
 Old pic :3
 OMG, older me..too colorful :D

baibaiii ~~~

2012. május 11., péntek

Some explanation~

Okay, sorry for the previous post. I'm a bit lost in thoughts.
BUT! I finished written finals today, and it feels sooooooooooooo good! Finally will have some free time to care about myself :) I don't know, if I should care about others... Whatever, I always care too much.  And I know it's my fault. It's my fault as well that I can't forget him. Life's changing...

Anyway, going for drinks tomorrow :) can't wait to get a little bit crazy, haha. I need it. Good way to distract my attention from impossible dreams. *YAY*

I should stop being depressive and boring. sorryy ~~
but this song is just so beautiful ♥


                           Now I remember why I didn't want to be in love anymore.
                                                                                                     it hurts.

and some sad music to support the mood. yay :) 

2012. május 2., szerda

How should I call this post?

Soo, sorry for not blogging for a couple of days. It got really hot, especially yesterday, when I had to walk about 10 km. Felt really tired on the way home... Just slept in the car, haha. As I don't have time to care about my outfit and make-up, I just decided to share a few things I'm going to buy in the following weeks. I need a make-up bag so badly, and I fell in love with this cute one:
AND THIS BAG !!! I HAVE to get it ♥ it has everything I love. And it's quite big too.
I have to wait only 2 weeks til my new contact lenses arrive ^^ At that time I will be done with my first examsss .____. still super scared. Okay, so, positive things. I will be completely blonde in summer. Gotta find a place to work and spend the money in Japan. But I have to get motivation first. Unless I will hang myself. Okay, I guess I'm getting tired.. ^^" Saying goodbye for now ~~~ ♥