2012. április 28., szombat

Had fun ~ ♥

Hey guys ~ Today was a reeeeally hot day here ._____. felt like summer. We went to the zoo after 11 am, but there were a LOT of people already.. Seemed like everybody had the idea to go to the zoo this Saturday. But it was ok. We ate ice cream, saw funny animals, and met a few friends, haha. It was tiring tho ~ And, smoking in hot weather is a killer... I should give it up soon. Here is today's outfit ~
Today's make-up ~
And some zoo stuff ~ ^^
Badass looking snake >.<
Look at that mouth! hahaha
So cute >.<
Japanese garden ~
Ohh, and I'm so excited ! Can't wait to get my contact lenses ordered from www.eyeluver.com ! I think I'll do a review of them. Ordered 4 pairs. But I have to deal with a lot of negative things til I'll receive them T_T Feels like running out of the world ~ I started to feel extremely scared cuz of exams.. ;_____; now I'm going to STUDY ;____; see you ~ ♥

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