2012. július 29., vasárnap

Leopard print post! ♥

So as I promised, here is the post dedicated to all my leopard-print stuff, haha ~~

Didn't have another pic of it, but leopard print makeup brush set ♥

I got this iPhone case in Greece *-*

summer hat ~

little bag from a few years ago ~

new sunglasses also from Greece ♥

huge bag ~ didn't remove the KLM "approved cabin baggage" thingy since I came home from Japan, hahaha

platform sneakers from Odaiba ~

pretty top ~

not only leopard print, but ♥♥

ashtray thingy from Japan ~

bracelet ~

shorts from Ichimarukyu ~
I also have a leopard-printed bra and bikini too. but I won't show those, LOL
That's all I think ^^ I love this things so much ♥

By the way, I had a terrible night ;____; (except that I was talking to the person who means almost the most for me)  I didn't want to sleep early, and I started to feel sleepy around 3 am. I was about going to sleep. BUT. during the afternoon, an insect came into my room, and it just disappeared. When I switched off the lights, it started to JUMP AROUND ;___; it was a grasshopper-like thingy, bwaaaahh ;____; I screamed so loud xD In the end I got so exhausted that I didn't care about it anymore, and just fell asleep. Woke up too early ;____;

That was me today xD byebyee ♥

2012. július 28., szombat

Back from Greece!

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging :) I just got back from Rhodes island, from Greece :) It was a pretty nice holiday ~~ Anyways, I'm going away again for one week, from Tuesday. I'll try to update my blog from my phone, but I don't think it will actually work :D Never mind ~

I feel like writing another post about Greece, since it's really late now and I don't really have the capacity to write now, LOL

However, my next post will be dedicated to my everlasting love, the LEOPARD PRINT hahaha♥ I'll be showing off all my leopard-printed stuff c: and I have a few, haha ~~ will be exciting, even for me, because I have no idea how I got this attached to leopard print LOL ~

Anyways, see you guys tommorrow ^^


2012. július 20., péntek


An application I'm in love at the moment.
you can find me as kfreaknatsu
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Sugar! Shop and parapara

Since I can't upload my next video yet, I'm going to write about yesterday.
I finally met Ruki after a long time <333
We went to a confectionery called Sugar Shop. I love that place sooo much! Looks incredibly cute and they have yummmmmy cakes .____. ♥ I had some cheesecake-milk rice:

chilling at a park~

my beautyqueen <3
I asked Ruki to teach me some parapara when we arrived to a park after eating, so we started dancing. Until a photographer guy noticed us and started to take pictures. hahahaha

cutie c:
my outfit data: top: d.i.a.
                        shorts: Takaraya
                        belt: d.i.a.
                        shoes: offbrand from Harajuku

I'm also happy to announce our new Gyaru-sa FLASHBACK! Show us some love ^^ You can find us on facebook too ~~

see you c:

2012. július 19., csütörtök

Make-up tutorial!

Hey ~

Actually, I was planning to record this video already, but then a few days ago, someone from everyday_gyaru requested it, so I made it anyways ^^ Hope you like it ^^

2012. július 16., hétfő

Tell the world I'm coming home...

I had to say goodbye. I had to say goodbye to the hotel, the buildings, the stations, the trains, the people, everything. I slept almost all the way to the airport, haha ~ I didn't want to cry that much, but I just couldn't help it. Especially when I hugged Kaorin and Taka and said goodbye.. oh my...I don't wish that feeling to anyone. But I guess most of you know how it feels. I absolutely didn't want to come back to Hungary. I wanted to stay there. Get lost, live on the streets, whatever, I don't care. I still feel so uncomfortable. I don't know what to do :(

8 hours left till Amsterdam..

Kitti-chan I got from Taka <3

om nom nom nom
om nom nom nom 2

cutest thing from Taka <33 I didn't find it until I opened my passport...reeally really tricky, hahaha

I cried so much at the airport, on the plane, and at home too.. People were staring at me like crazy, no surprise...crying gaijin girl holding a huge plushie broccoli and a Hello Kitty wearing kimono, really weird...

I miss all my friends. It was such a great and happy time meeting you guys! Hope to see you again soon!! <3333

Last day in Japan :(

My last day came... We planned to meet our other friend, Noel, to go up to Sky Tree, but the wind was too strong so it wasn't allowed... So we were just walking around and talking, hahaha
I met Taka, of course ^^ (4 days in a row, nyuu *-*) He finished work around 6 pm, so I went back to Sky Tree at that time. We went to Roppongi!! Its such an amazing place! LOT of foreigners, it's true :D I got to try real sushi, first time in my life haha ~ We found a niiice Japanese restaurant ~ I tried sake too ~~

I loved it so much, will go back for sure ^^

Almost the happiest moment of 2 weeks: WE FOUND GASPANIC! OMG .____________. I've been dreaming about going there for like 4 years!! I was so happy T____T As the time passed by, more and more people started to come, and almost all of the girls were gyarus!! *.*

zebra-printed floor, AWESOME!!  

I have to admit it, I got a bit drunk, hahaha. But it was fuun <33 It was so sad to say goodbye :( I had to  pack for the next day ~ Taka was there and helped me (or not, haha) ~~

Blogger doesn't let me to give a title to this post so... JUST SHIBUYA 109 <33
We went to Shibuya and "visited" marukyuuuu!

Funny things happened that day. A Japanese guy came to us, asked for photos, turned out he's working for a Japanese fashion website called TranStyle. He liked our outfits so...we just let him to take those photos ^^

You can see the pics here:
http://transtyle.jp/contents.php?user_id=212 yay! ^^

I got (almost) everything I wanted. Didn't buy CO&LU pants :(  They weren't THAT ridicilously expensive, but I rather wanted to spend that money at d.i.a., hahaha
I ended up with a skirt and top from XOXO, hot pants from Takaraya, chain belt thingy from Mars and a belt and top from d.i.a. <333 I was already carrying a lot of stuff when we went to d.i.a., so the cashier guy took all those and put them into a huge d.i.a. zebra-printed bag OMG <33 soo pretty ^^ I also got some eyelashes ~ I'll put all this items in one post ~~

On this day, we decided to go partyin to Shibuya together! (Kaorin and me) Of course wearing our new clothes, haha.

Well...we ended up being surrounded by Japanese guys, hahahaha. They were so cool!!!

[if you have a chance, take photos with the shop staff at Ichimarukyu! they are super friendly! I didnt do it tho, I somehow forgot it T.T]

thats aaall, byebye ^^

Shibuya night, but nothing interesting ;3

I just realized that I forgot to mention an important thing about Sunday, the day when we went to Ikebukuro  ~ I met Taka ! yay ^3^ He is awesome ~ <3 I didn't talk to him before I went to Japan, but he seemed really nice so I wanted to meet him ( he wanted to meet me too, haha) We met up near his workplace (a bar at Tokyo Solamachi, right next to Sky Tree) Amaaaazing view! *-* Look:

We also had some drinks. The most amazing ones!

I met him on Monday too, we went to Odaiba at night, it was sooooo pretty!!!! T.T

I was getting a bit sick, but we met up with Kaorin's friend Ayaka, and went to Round1~ That girl is soo cute and the place is so amazing~ Lots of games, lots of fun <3
I also met up with Taka that day and went out for drinks to Shibuyaaaa! There is a bar called The Scramble, its pretty awesome ~ It's all about American R&B ~Some pics from that day:

karaoke at Round1 , hahah

cute thingy I gave to Taka ~

Shibuya around 5 am ~ LOL

In fact, Tuesday was pretty awesome ~ loved it to the max <3