2012. szeptember 21., péntek

Lifestyle changes, fashion changes, mind changes.


Im back to blogging after a week~ (obviously, as u can see lol.)
So a few things happened these days, let me share it with u guys ~~
Sziszi and I might get a job as hostesses, so we'll have enough money for the GAL MEET in Düsseldorf *-* We're already super excited lol ~~~~

other thing, because I'll probably get that job, I'll get my back piece started in November finallyy *-* Gonna take a few months to finish it. I'm a bit scared tho. The pain will be much stronger than next time. Just to show you something similar:

I literally CAN'T BREATHE when I look at these pictures. THEY.ARE.SO.FREAKIN.AWESOME.

This post's title says that a lot of things changed lately but I can't really talk about it. I can't explain it.I should have told it earlier. Now the magic is lost, hahaha. sorry ^^
I'm living my good (but still weird) uni life, living from day to day, enjoying every moment of it.


Now, picture time ~~

met her after a really long time, I was so happy <3

LOL & my contours

Candy Doll lipstick is glowing. LOL


Thats all for now ^^ I'm going to travel to the countryside tomorrow, with my parents and one of my good friends ~~ <3
see ya all ~
i'm out ~

2012. szeptember 11., kedd

Second day of uni and.... a GAL Meet that I want to attend TwT

Hey cuties ~~~

I feel quiet energetic now, although I had a sh*t of a day...
I had 4 classes (each 2 hours long) and 3 of them were Japanese. Well, the classroom was sooo small for the group, I couldnt even breath and I kept falling asleep and stuff.. LOL. I wanted to go home so bad D: I knew all the things that the teacher told us. Buuut, I have tomorrow off! *w*
Today's face:
unfortunately I didnt take any good pictures T3T
So! that gal meet... http://www.facebook.com/events/117626558386386/
tha name is "Int. GYARU Lovers Winter Meet" , held in Düsseldorf next january. And I wanna go so bad T.T But I would need at least 70.000 Fts (ca. 250 Euros) and thats a bit too much for me T.T I'll try to get that money anyways, but I dont know if I will succeed... T3T And I've never been to Düsseldorf and I wanna go!! :DDDDD Would be so awesome to meet everyone there ~~~

Im really tired, don't know what to write T.T
im out ~

2012. szeptember 10., hétfő

Selling a few things that I don't need anymore~

So yea, as the title says, I'm going to sell a few of my stuff.
I wanna have my next tattoo really soon, thats why T.T

I have a few CDs and a few clothes.

2PM - Beautiful (Japanese edition,bought in Japan)
U-KISS - Tick Tack (Japanese edition,bought in Japan)
MBLAQ - Your Luv (Japanese edition,bought in Japan)
MBLAQ - 100% Ver.

free size sweater with a heart on it, ordered from Gmarket (Korean online shop) , worn like twice

AND! the MA*RS chain belt ~ Realized that it's not my style, I wore it only twice.

Otherwise, I had my first day, and first class at uni today. It was soo weird. After 8 years at the same school, it was really weird. And the class was boring! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i liked the atmosphere though.

back to school make-up D:
and today's outfit ~

                                                        yea, the class WAS actually boring :D
 im out ~

2012. szeptember 8., szombat


Heys ~~

3 days ago, my uni organized a "Freshman-camp afterparty". We (me and some friends from the Japanese department) decided to meet before the party and have some drinks together.It was awesome :) The party itself was okay, but the place was really expensive. i didn't buy any drinks there. I got to know a German guy and a French girl. They were awesome! The girl was so pretty, omg T________________T I should have taken a pic with her! TqT


w/ Rin <3

I dyed my hair a bit ligther! Also, I was messing with it before going out. check ^^

LOL @ my bangs

I bought an awesome hair spray !! it's got2b Megalomania. gives a really cool push up effect to my hair c:

sorry for the iPhone quality, STILL TwT

I had a great time with my ppl  (:
The day after, I went out with them again! hahaha.
I was a bit late though. Had to go to the dentist T.T

pretty simple makeup for that day.

im in L.O.V.E with my blonde hair.

instagram pic c:  (you can follow me @skinnyrichx


im out ~

2012. szeptember 5., szerda


I opened a Tumblr last week ^^ You are welcome to follow me, hehehe ~~
Some of my pictures that I already posted ~~ [all of them are my own!]

 www.natsuyuma.tumblr.com !