2012. május 2., szerda

How should I call this post?

Soo, sorry for not blogging for a couple of days. It got really hot, especially yesterday, when I had to walk about 10 km. Felt really tired on the way home... Just slept in the car, haha. As I don't have time to care about my outfit and make-up, I just decided to share a few things I'm going to buy in the following weeks. I need a make-up bag so badly, and I fell in love with this cute one:
AND THIS BAG !!! I HAVE to get it ♥ it has everything I love. And it's quite big too.
I have to wait only 2 weeks til my new contact lenses arrive ^^ At that time I will be done with my first examsss .____. still super scared. Okay, so, positive things. I will be completely blonde in summer. Gotta find a place to work and spend the money in Japan. But I have to get motivation first. Unless I will hang myself. Okay, I guess I'm getting tired.. ^^" Saying goodbye for now ~~~ ♥

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