2012. december 11., kedd

No more negativity!

Hey guys *^^*

Wooooot so fast with posts, right? hahaha

Today I reserved a d.i.a. cardigan on gyarucomsales , and I'm so happy now T3T/ One of my christmas gifts and it will be here just in time ~~~ I'm also planning to buy a CRAZYTRIBE T-Shirt from Black Diamond's online shop. This one:

My plans are always changing though. LOL.

Also, I visited my hairdresser today, not many changes, but still nice :3 I have to finish the pink colouring for myself :3 I will post some pictures once it's done ~

I will spend Christmas in the countryside with the whole family, I can't wait Missing all my family members and friends there TT

Long story short, I can totally feel happy now, although I still have some sad moments. I just tell myself "no" and move on. That's the best thing i can do ^____^ and now, preparing for next week's Japanese exam ~~ 
byebye guys ~
I'm out ~

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