2013. február 7., csütörtök

I love make-up ~

Hello guys :3

After my failed exam on Tuesday, I was really down so I asked Him if we could meet one day earlier than planned. He said yes and took me to my favourite Japanese restaurant, Wasabi <3 He even took his iPad with him knowing that I'm crazy about that little shit. hahaha :3 He was leaving to China a few days after so now I have to wait one month to see him again >.<

Calpis ~
The days after were casual. On Thursday, I met two friends. Lau first ~ :3

had some food *w*

And then Katsi, I haven't seen her since she got back from Korea ~ Missed u so much, gurl T.T
I was really satisfied with my makeup that day ~ My hair looked like shit again, but other than that, my face was ok I think :3

We went out and stayed out pretty long ~ We went to a place called Instant which used to be my favourite ~ Really popular place ~ If u come to Budapest, u definitely have to go there !

The next happening was on Monday, I met another friend, Cook :3 Have to admit that I got a bit tipsy from the drinks we had ~ And when we started to feel hungry we went to eat sushi XDD It was really funny, and my first drunk sushi experience... lol
On Tuesday, I went to Prague with my dad and his tabletennis team ~ It was a ca. 6 hour long journey, and I was in a car with 8 guys XD They are hilarious btw ! :D Loved it ~ The way back wasnt that good anymore, cuz I was really really tired so I literally fainted into sleep xD Prague is really pretty anyways *w*

I was really looking for the next day ^^ I met Katsi again ~ We had some food at KFC, where I saw a Japanese guy who I know, but I wasnt brave enough to greet him and he didn't notice me fml TwT
We decided to go out for "some drinks" which ended up like a lot more, as usual xD We went to our favourite place, Szimpla, which is similar to Instant ~ Some friends had to save me from some strange black guy o________o No matter what I did and what I said, he was always there o___o I couldn't really do anything more cuz I was a bit tipsy again T_____T


my face though XD <3
 Sooo and today, I got back from Katsi's palce and just was resting and sleeping a bit ~ I was also looking at some Korean and Japanese skincare products, cuz I just fell in love and wanna do a haul~ Can't wait to start working and have more money T.T Also I wanna get new contact lenses T___T Current ones are getting old...

See you next time guys :3

I'm out ~

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