2013. február 23., szombat

My affection for MA*RS lately

Hey guys!

I'm known for not really liking girly/cutesy/pink things, but nowadays, MA*RS is just getting my attention again and again, lol. Okay, that d.i.a. is somehow feminine too, but so far, MA*RS seemed too much for me. That's why I also sold my MA*RS belt that I didn't even know why I bought xD

So the first things that caught my attention were the garters and tights!

I really like this one ToT the bow and the heart is so cute together ~~~
I honestly don't know why I started to like these kind of clothes. Maybe because it looks so damn well on the models?! Haha~ I'm still worried how it would suit me though ~

from 2013 ~ i really like the dress with the arm warmers ! *w*

here it is, GORGEOUS T^T

Don't worry though, I will stay with ORAORA-kei and d.i.a ~ haha 
Well, that's it :)

i'm out ~

6 megjegyzés:

  1. I´m not really a big fan of ma*rs, but the last dress is really gorgeous I gotta admit!

    1. Yes! T.T Without the tulle part it looks like just a top though XD So short lol ~

  2. just mix some ma*rs things together with D.I.A if it makes you feel more comfortable :3

    1. I think that would look a bit weird, wouldnt it :D

    2. I was also wearing a D.I.A top with a ma*rs skirt on the meetup. dunno if it was weird haha XD

    3. oh really??? lol ! It looked gorgeous !:D