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Update after forever [massive post!]

Ello ello everybody ^-^

I know, I know...It has been forever. AGAIN.
By the end of January I finished all my exams so I'm "free" again til May.
I thought I would be sharing some moments of late 2013 and early 2014 ^-^

So on the 6th of December, me and my parents travelled to Vienna to see the Christmas market ~~ We used to go almost every year, but it already has been a while, so I was really happy ^-^ Especially that I got to see a really good old friend of mine, who is currently attending uni in Vienna ^-^ It was freeeeeeeezing, but I had fun! (and never getting sushi from Nordsee again, it sucks)

I had to wake up at 4 am so my make was kinda messy ..

these were my favourites *3*
me and mom, sorry not sorry xD

 Then like two weeks later, we travelled to the countryside as usual, to spend Christmas with the whole family ^___^ My mother's sisters and also my dad's brother are living in the countryside, so we see them like only a few times a year. My favourite time is always Christmas, totally brings back my wonderful childhood memories. My parents went back to BP not so long after but I stayed til the 2nd of January, so I had lots of amazing parties and a crazy New Year's Eve with my friends ~~

My face fow New Year's ~~

my lovely cousin <3

After I got back to my hometown, it was time for studying to take over my life again. I did A LOT better than last year, passed the semester, though I failed 2 of my courses. I didn't really go anywhere at that time so I have not much to share ^-^

I've also been asked to help out my friend in a school project, so I became her model for like, an hour! ahaha, it was fun ~~

Oh yea, I cut my bangs ^____^ I got really bored with my previous hairstyle, but now I'm getting kinda bored with this one too.

lacking of inspiration for gyaru make-up lately :(
As much as I was lacking of inspiration when it came to make-up, I was on fire with skincare products! My skin was really clear for like one and a half months but it just went crazy when I started to stress about my exams and such ლಠ益ಠ)ლ
My first beloved product is from my favourite Korean brand, SKINFOOD. This serum was given to me by a Korean friend who came to my country. He actually had no idea which product to get me, because I just told him "anything SKINFOOD", so all he did was walk into the store, ask which product was the most popular, and he bought that! 

You get a box of special cotton pads, one side is for gently rubbing the serum in your skin, with the other side you tap your face so the product gets more absorbed into it. ^-^ It works awesome, no wonder this is the most popular product! I also recommend it!

Up next, we have sheet masks! *-* They are so great, however it seems like my skin can't take all of them. It's still good if you wanna relax and just treat your skin :3 I usually use them after a hot bath(I drop the pack in the water to warm it up a little, otherwise I'd feel like I'm freezing my face off lol)

I got spots from the blue one, but the lemon one felt super nice :3

I bought several types of face scrubs, peel-off mask, and other things, but I think my skin became too sensitive lately, and I don't dare to use them much because I'd get spots after :( What to do!!

Apart from that disappointment, since September I got 4 new pairs of contact lenses :3

pink that always looks purple

and light brown ones that always look like...crap xD

I didn't like these much so I was really excited to get my PinkyParadise order with my two favourite lenses!

Sesame Grey
and Chocolate Brown (Bambi series) <3
I'm just so so so happy to wear them finally <3 I used to have the Chocolate Browns but they were fake so I'm now pleased to have the real GEO ones :< I got them on the Black Friday sale which means that I got two pairs for the price of one pair *3* DEAL!!! I stopped buying stuff since last month though, since my trip to Japan is at 80%, I'm trying to save as much money as possible!

I could write this post forever, so for now I'm just gonna throw in a few more pictures of random things:

While in the countryside, I always started the mornings with my puppy on my lap <3  

ate jiao zi at the Lunar New Year festival ~
Went out for ramen with a friend~ Some people don't like this place because it's not authentic Japanese, but I think it's still delicious T-T
Sooo, sorry for the long post, thank you if you read through it, I should really get my blogging shit together.

I'm out ~~

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  1. I just want to say thank you for sharing this post, because it's really amazing!
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