2013. szeptember 26., csütörtök

News and some awesome stuff

Hey guys!

Yes, I haven't been updating again, but things were really busy for me lately, and kinda stressful too. Why am I always stressing ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

After university started 3 weeks ago, I went for a weekend-trip with my parents, near my country's biggest lake, Balaton. I didn't really want to go first because my mom just told me about the trip one day before, which messed up my other plans for the weekend.

I didn't mind in the end, cuz I enjoyed myself a lot :) We've actually been there twice already, yeeeeeeeears ago so it was nostalgic to go back :3

can you tell I was tired? nooooooooooooe
new bf, so sexay

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures... meh

So, my news :) 

As some of you might noticed it on my fb or somewhere, I've been pretty much neglecting gyaru style, so I decided to give it a little break :) I didn't think I would ever do this, but I really don't have spare energy to do it for now. I'll be back soon as a better gal, I promise! ^^ (dunno when though, will decide...)

Despite of that, I wanna make something beauty-related today ^^ I bought some really awesome stuff lately, so I'll share them with you ~~

First of all, this cleansing oil by Kiko Makeup Milano! It smells awesome, and feels really good! And not at last, takes off all your makeup without problems. It didn't even have problems with my super stubborn Majolica Majorca mascara D:

The next one is a skin tonic, product of Fragonard Parfumerie, France. It has orange blossom smell, and works really good, refreshing and cleaning the skin. Can also be used as a make-up remover :3

I've been CRAZY about sheet masks lately, so I bought some to try! Avocado, Snail, Aloe, Pomegranate and Green Tea! I only tried to Green Tea one yet, cuz I have no heart to open them, they are so pretty and colorful ;----; hahahaha Anyways, the one I tried was sooooooo goood! Smelled like green tea, but, A LOT. like 10 mugs of green tea. So good :3

Oh, and I just ordered new contact lenses, so excited to get them!! ^^ A pair of pink and a pair of brown :3

Soo, this is all for the second post, I'll be adding more pictures tomorrow to make it complete :3

Nighty ~~

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