2012. november 4., vasárnap

My autumn break. and Sziszi staying at my place. uhhhhhh

 Hey guys ~

Autumn break (at schools) in my country happened to be last week, so as usual, I travelled to the countryside to visit my relatives and friends there. Its ca. 2 and a half hours with train and then one more hour with bus. Its not really a village cuz its bigger, but still not a city, so like a small town, I dont know :D My mother spent her childhood there, so the relatives are from her side. EVERYONE KNOW WHOSE DAUGHTER I AM. Seriously. Or if they are not sure, they ask it, but still. Those kind of places where it's full of old people, and they know everything about your parents, and (in they opinion) they know everything about you too. LOL. I experienced a few funny things but thats not interesting. I left Budapest on Saturday and got back the next Saturday. ^-^ I wanted to take photos but since I spend like every school break there, I always forgot it D:< But I have some pics from last time and so on ~~

on the way

seriously my favourite view. Even if I just think about it, it makes me calm...

train tickeeeeeets

pic from last... autumn ?! or winter, I dont remember :D The only thing I know that I was freakin freezinnnnn


Perfect place for me when I want to forget all the bullshit that's happening in the "big city".
I can't wait to go back to celebrate Christmas !! <3

On Saturday, like 2 or 3 hours after my arrival back to BP, I picked up Sziszi at the train station, and after a short chat with two other friends, we went to my place ~ CAMWHORESSSS ~~~~

the official favourite, and my laptop's background. and just...AFSJFHJAH <3

Oh man, how much I hate the iPhone's front cam....

Sziszi loved dis one. LOL

dafuq am I doing in the background LOL


I had such a fun time with heeeeer >.< <3 can't wait to meet again, and can't wait to finally meet my Swagepoyo girls AT ONCE. <3

Right now I'm skipping learning kanjis and other stuff, (I did study for a few hours before) and it's almost 1 am, I have an 'exam' on Tuesday, so I'm skipping tomorrow's (REEEALLY REAAALLY) important lecture to study more. jeez. ;_______________;


I'm out ~~

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