2012. november 19., hétfő

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Hey guys,

sorry for disappearing for a couple of days again. This isn't the best time of my life, to be honest.
First of all, I've been visiting two doctors so far, and today I visited the third one..I have to do the blood test again, have to go for EKG and X-Ray... Gosh... And I'm afraid. I've always been afraid of any kind of things that doctors do. So my own doctor sent me to blood test and stuff fist, they found something so they have to check if there's anything wrong. (It's about my kidney.) I have to take two kinds of vitamin, (one is for pregnant ladies O___O) because I don't really eat, so those will help, hopefully.

I'm also having a hard time studying ;______; exams are coming up and I'm so confused, I dont know where to start. I've been concentrating only on Japanese so far, so I'm completely fucked with all the other subjects. Wish me luck ;;

Otherwise, I've been feeling ok :"DDDDDD No, not really. I even had thoughts about leaving gyaru. For a couple of days. I started to do this because I was really happy and it made me more happy, and I wanted others to be like that too. But now... I can't do that anymore. I cant cheer others up...So whats the point....

I did have my friends next to me anyways. Been partying with them a few times lately.

had these drinks with my bestie after a long time <3

The Car. Last Saturday. Sooo awesome

woot woot

So we had this really huge party on Saturday and it was awesome, but on Sunday morning I ended up having panic attacks with crying at the same time, so I think it was supposed to be better... Just forget some things that happened there.

I've been so tired like every day, that I didnt really do my makeup, only a few times.

went partying with Sziszi ~~~

im getting to love my black lenses so so so so much
That's all for now ^^

Im out ~~~

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