2012. október 24., szerda

Usual things,partyin and a scary fact.

Yo ~~

I decided to write a blogpost since I have nothing to do and I'm bored T___T All I do is daydreaming about the clothes I'll order later this year XD

So first of all, this is dedicated to the people who are hating on me because of my face. It doesn't meet your standards, but who cares? I was always skinny, but I keep losing weight lately, and I don't know why. No matter how hard I try, I am 43-44 kg now. At the age of 18. I don't think this is healthy at all, and all my friends are worried. I am, too. Just think before u start bitching.

So tossing away all the bad things, I'm going to travel to the countryside on Saturday *w* OMGGGGGGGGGG , I'm so freakin happy!!! I probably wont be able to blog, but I'll try anyways ^^ Can't wait to see all my friends and relatives there <33333 (note: except my mother and father, and some relatives (like 3), everyone is living in the countryside so I see them 3-4 times a year TT)
but now, I'm happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~

OHH! Something I almost forgot. Nippon Groove on last Saturday. Jeeeeeeeesus how many drinks I had. Don't even remember, friends just kept buying me drinks. It started at Loo's place, and countinued later at the party. I had so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuun!! This party is much better when u're drunk. in fact, EVERYTHINGS better when u're drunk. ewww >.<

OHH!#2 I met Xee 2 days ago. ^_______^ (he is one of my best friends <3) Had a great day with him ~~

Pictures ~~

before partyin   

with Loo

this..... I JUST HAD TO XDDD

 baibaii ~~


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