2013. március 8., péntek

Encouraging myself.

Hey guys.

I should make up a new greeting, this is getting pretty boring x3
I'm still living the boring life, but I might get to work soon! *fingers crossed* TwT
So I'm just staying home all day, or go out meet my friends. Nothing special...

At the end of february I went to a party with friends, as cats xD

And last saturday, I managed to get really wasted so I lost the chain of my d.i.a. top. FML TwT definitely a lesson. blah...

Oh and 2 days ago, I got rid of my braces after 2 years! *wwwwwww* Now I finally love my smile TwT I should take some pics :D

I did take some though, but not of my smile ~

I should take more outfit shots T.T

with my cutie TwT

I really got interested in cosplaying lately -thanks to my bestie- xD

I think that's it for today ^^ I'll post again next week before I go to Prague for a few days *w*

Byebye ~

I'm out ~

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