2013. május 13., hétfő

I'M BACK ~~~ (including my recent haul ~)

Hello guuys ~~

I haven't been blogging for more than one month again... ~ Actually, this last month seemed like one year for me. I've gone through a lot, but I'm slowly recovering now. This tough time was good to realize that I have to change things in myself. And yes, finally I can feel myself growing up. I'm the only one who can make this life better. And I'm gonna make the best out of it ^____^ I have to learn how to stand on my own feet ~

So, onto the happy part ~
I ran out of makeup supplies so I decided to get some stuff I need TwT I went totally CRAZY on ebay , and bought everything I liked (yea, typical case of "imgonnabuyitjustbecauseitscheap") ==
Unfortunately I wasn't able to concentrate on makeup, so it ended up being a miscellaneous haul~


I decided to try how a bit more natural look would look on me, so I bought some natural lashes :3 I ordered one more box, but I didnt get the ones I ordered so I'm not satisfied TwT

Wigs both in light brown color ~

Legwear :3

A bracelet:

And the most unreasonable thing I EVER bought in my life

It just looked so cute ;w; And I might get to use it one day, for someone, hahahaha
Well, this haul overall costed me 38 bucks. So good right ;w; I'm so happy that I still got money left x3 Ebay is an awesome thing! I can't wait for the items to arrive ;w; (most excited for the wigs, of course haha)

Oh, and I almost forgot one thing, that it's not from Ebay! New contact lenses *w* Cuz all my old ones expired T___T (I bought them at the same time so ofc they expired "together" LOL)

The ones I picked are called "Butterfly Grey" but honestly, I dont like them much T____T I wanted different ones but I only realized they only have prescription ones in stock, when we were about to pay, so I made a last minute choice T_____________T I think I'm gonna get one more pair that i actually like, hahaha. But who knows, maybe they will look good on me .____. (*fingers crossed*)

Yea, this is it :3 I dont have pictures of me, or anything since I haven't done makeup in a whiile ~ But I'm gonna continue posting once I get all my items :3

And something I've been waiting for since agessssssss <3 My friend Taka, who I met in Tokyo, is coming to visit Budapest, and going to stay at my place for almost 2 weeks *w* I'm so excited to show him around, and so happy that I wont be alone ~ <33 Only 9 days left *w*

Well, this is all for my "comeback" post, good to be back ^^

See you ~~

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