2013. június 30., vasárnap

I'm still alive! (and claimed to Bloglovin')

Dear my loves,

can u tell me how to blog happily with a broken heart? No? Well, now I will show u! ^^
I'm really glad I waited this long to write a new post so I didnt waste my time writing about him :)
You used me, and I dont think wanna see you anymore. I don't care how hard it is. I had spent a lot of time thinking, I still overthink even in these minutes I'm writing this. But I think I just should do what u're the most afraid of - just like u did to me.

I got all my stuff from eBay *ww* omo omo !! Actually like a month ago xDD
They came in slowly after each other :3

the first set, lol

the first wig :3
and a kind-of-outfit picture with the wig x3

sooo natural o3o
Excuse me that I don't post pics of the lingerie, hahaha.
I'll slowly show more pictures of the things when I'll wear them :3
(Now it's 1 am and I'm just writing this blogpost cuz tomorrow I'm leaving for like 2 weeks so I didnt want to wait more with a new post ;www;)
I feel like I'm going thru a style-change ~  I bought a lot of casual and girly(?) clothes lately, haha. But most of the time, I go out like this:

I knowww it's a unique way to dress and I like it :3

Then, I realized that I haven't even blogged about Prague ;www; But it was long ago so maybe I wont.... T_____T
Well this is all for this post, I know it's not much after this time, but excuse me ;wwwww;

I'm out ~

PS.: !!Don't forget to follow my blog via Bloglovin', since Google Reader will shut down soon! Thank you <3
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