2013. március 22., péntek

My age is nineteen, vision is HD ! :D

Helloo ~

Here I am, one year older ^____^

and me and my fam got good news! The travel agency offered us the same trip for free, just another time, in May ~ So we might go thenn ~ (My parents sure will) I dont know yet, cuz I entered a photo contest, and if I win, I will be in Singapore at that time xDDDD

After we got home from Prague, I was really bored so I did my hair and took a few pics xD (camwhooore = =)

And the day of my bday!
I dont really like to organize myself parties, so this time wasnt different ~ I had a small celebration at home with my parents, but before that I met Sziszi and she gave me my present, hair extensions *wwwww* I was so happyy, because it exactly matched my hair colour TwT Yes, it's past tense cuz I went to the hair salon yesterday and even though I showed my hairdresser that I want colour like my extensions, she made it darker T___________________________________T so my happiness is gone x"DDDDD

I should stop posting so many pics of myself :"DDDDD
But since I don't go anywhere, I can't take pics T______________T fml

So, that's it for now ^^ One of my Japanese friends is coming to visit me on Monday *__________* so excited, but so nervous :"DDD He used to be gyaru-o so he loves gyaru...muhhahaha

I'm out ~

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  1. Happy birthday! You are so beautiful! I love your blog <3

    ~Amanda Heinz

    1. Hey, sorry for the super late reply!
      Thank you so much!! <3 :3
      Do you have facebook? You seem to have an exciting life *w*