2013. augusztus 10., szombat

Casual clothing and casual summer

Hello guuuys ~ !

Wow, I haven't been posting for a while again. But actually, I didn't really have anything to write about. Now, I collected some stuff so i can catch up a bit. This first post will be my recent buys and the next one will be recent happenings in my life :3 Sooo, let's begin! The last few weeks I was doing a lot of "casual-shopping" because everything was on sale, and I need a lot of casual clothes to wear for uni and my future job. And I like cheap stuff hehe :3

cream samples *3*

also got my bag from Korea last month <3 First black bag of my life, haha

I ruined two pairs of contact lenses, so I had to get one asap, for Mondocon. I choosed grey ones, my favourite colour when it comes to lenses. 

I filmed a tutorial on this makeup, but still didn't have the energy, and the editor, to put it together =__=

Well, this is all I got for this post ^___^

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