2013. augusztus 10., szombat

Panda and sushi overdose

Catch-up post number 2. guys!

After 3 weeks break I was able to see J again last week, even if it was only for 2 days.  It was awesome :) I waited almost an hour for him at the airport, because I was early and his plane was late.
We went to my place first because he couldn't check in the hotel til 2 pm. We agreed to have sushi for dinner <3

it was so gooood!
We went to a bar after to have some drinks, however I didnt feel good there, so we went home early ~We woke up to the fire alarm at 8 am =_______= I got a shock, but we tried to sleep a bit after as well. We had "breakfast" at Starbucks, and for lunch we had sushi again.

food xD
Since I call him panda, he wanted to get me a panda plushie so I will have someone to cuddle.
We went around the city but couldn't find anything. The last place we went to was a toy shop, and I couldnt believe my eyes!

I'm always telling him  how his eyes are so big so we found the perfect one!
We had to say goodbye early, but we will meet again in October. I can't wait.

Yesterday, I met one of my lovely gf's, Loo <3 I was really happy to see her, and we had lotsa funnn! And what did we have? sushi of cooourse!

beautiful!!! xDDD
After sushi, we went to have bubble tea, that's where we took a thousand of derp pictures, omg xD
Hmm, finally, some pictures of me lately :)

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to go on vacation with my parents ~ We are going to Italy first, and after that France, and Monaco. However I will only be away for one week ~ And I will have something to blog about ^^ See you ~~~

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