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Late post: Holiday in Italy

Hello guys ^^

I finally got to be in the mood to write about my vacation in Italy.
It happened in the middle of August, and it was awesome! I thought I'll be bored of it (well, sometimes I was haha), but in the end, I enjoyed! However, it started with a real adventure.

After we started the journey with the bus, our guide told the group that we had to change hotels, so instead of a hotel being next to the sea, we get to stay at a 4* golf club, called Castellaro Golf Resort.
Totally okay, except that place is literally in the mountains. Wasn't so pleasing thinking about what we will see instead of the sea.
And now onto the real problem. Have u ever been travelling on the mountain roads of Italy or Austria? Yes? You know what it looks like. Can you fit a 15 m long coach on a 2 m wide tiny little road, full of curves? Of course not! We ended up stuck in one of the curves and it took literally 30 minutes to get out of it. Awesome, we thought, we escaped. HAHAHA, no. We got totally stuck on the top cuz the drivers didn't want to risk our lives and also the bus' condition. Til the smaller Italian bus came to pick us up, we waited more than an hour. The place was okay (THEY PROMISED WIFI BUT MY FAMILY WAS PUT SO FAR FROM THE LOBBY THAT IT DIDNT REACH), the food was awesome! So yummy!

Yes, awesome food... our last dinner was...this (????????????) wtf xD
Sadly, guys, I cant exactly remember every pic's location, so I'm gonna throw them randomly..ready? :D

the place where we got stuck :"DD
ca. the 2nd sunburn in my life D: fell asleep during the boat trip, FML
Creepy Fish Collection Monaco

Monaco is one insane place. You can literally SMELL money. It's disgusting. xD

my face is too accurate xDDD [this pic was taken in Cannes, though]
View of Monaco..

nighttime in San Remo

Verona :)

so cute O3O
And I know, mostly I'm too lazy to write, but probably u enjoy pictures more, dont u? :3
This trip was good because I also got to spend 2 days in France. It was surprising how it really had the atmosphere of France, although it was the same coast as Italy. Loved it!

This is all for now, see you in the next post ^^

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