2013. március 16., szombat

Winter chaos in Hungary, and my cancelled trip

Hello guys!

So I'm sad to let u know that I didn't travel to Prague T___T
The reason is the snowstorm that happened to hit Hungary 3 days ago.
It was told that cold and snow is coming on Thursday, so if someone doesn't have to, shouldn't drive or travel anywhere at that time. However, the roads weren't clean enough, so the cars that had been on the highways M1 and M7, were stuck there after 1-2 hours. The snow itself wasnt really heavy, but because of the wind, it happened to appear more and more high. Snowing lasted for more almost 2 days non-stop.

For us, we didn't know about the blocked highways, and our trip was already paid, so we started the journey on Friday, 6 am. around 7:30 we arrived to the beginning of the highway M1, but it was blocked by the police, first we thought there was an accident, but the road was completely free. We had anothet choice, said the police, highway M7. But we were turned back from there too. So in the end, we decided to try again enxt morning, but later during the afternoon, the agency called my mum that the whole trip is cancelled. I'm pretty curious if we get some money back, since this wasnt the agency's responsibility.

BBC about the rescue:


More than 5000 cars, more than 10 000 people were stuck on the highways for one day or more, without food, water, and gas. People didn't even know about them for at lest 10 hours (no news about it, nothing) but after that, people started to organize groups, to help the others with food, warm drink, or even accomodation. Restaurants opened and offered free food. It was so good to see that Hungarians are finally together. But sad, that this kind of thing has to be happened to achieve this.

I'm proud of all those who tried to help! I wanted too, but I couldnt even go out from Budapest...

This was the place where we were turned back

Right now, as stated by the police, all the people were rescued, but a lot of cars were left on the highways. Hundreds are staying at hospices and school, waiting to be able to continue their travels. The cars are being transported at the moment. I'm angry, but also happy. Angry because of the government, and happy because Hungarians showed who they really are. God bless you!

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  1. Oh shit, that looks insane! It's too bad your trip got cancelled.

    1. Yea, it's totally mad......

      It's really bad, I was really waiting for it :( But important that the people who were in trouble are ok now ~

  2. wow o.o that's a lot of snow D: I hope spring will be there soon~! do you go to prague another time then? sascha lived close to there but he never wanted to go there with me ToT

    1. awwww why not??

      No, I don't think I will go there soon :C
      I've seen it already, but just a few things, from the car :CCC