2013. március 12., kedd

Right or left?

Which direction should I go?
Left, where's nothing right, or right, where's nothing left...?

I'm feeling surprisingly strong though. It hurts like hell. But this time I didn't break down. Because I know, that I'm never alone. He is always by my side. In my heart. In my prayers. ~
One of my friends sent me a song and I can't stop listening to it. It just gives me happiness.

Anyways, I'm always thankful for the best memories of my life :)


I realized that the last post wasnt complete at all, I missed a few happenings XDD
Like, I met Kaorin (I went to Japan with her <3), and we had bubble tea *w*Our friend is working at the bubble tea shop so we sometimes visit her ~

my favourite picture XDDD

I do too much camwhoring T_______T
definitely too much T____T
I slept at one of my friend's place that night ~
I spent the day after at home, and in the evening, I ordered sushi with some miso soup *ww*

and the next day, I met a friend, and then went to Sziszi's place ~ <3
I bought some sushi for her ~

The day after were nothing as usual. I went to Starbucks,or just was suffering at home xD But I took a few outfit pics! Almost the same though ^^"

Finally, ladies and gentleman...


So, that's it ~ I'm leaving to Prague for the weekend early Friday morning, but I'll try to update u guys from there ^^

I'm out ~~

2 megjegyzés:

  1. You're prettyyyy <3
    And that sushi, omg *__*

    PS. Could you remove that thing where you have to type words before you can comment? It would make commenting easier :3

  2. Thank you! TwT <3
    Yes it was soooooo delicious *w*

    I didn't even know there is something like that xD I'll try do to something ~