2012. augusztus 15., szerda

Some fun ~

hey cuties ^^

 I had some fun with my hair tonight, and I also took a lot of pictures ~~ I didn't know what to do T.T so I ended up doing my makeup and taking pictures haha ~~ Honestly, I feel pretty bad when I take this amount of pics, but whatever, I only choose like 4, max 5 of them to be uploaded :D who cares ~~ soo here are the results ~~
just some usual stuff, haha ~

i love this style ~~ should be more pretty tho T.T

big bun, and using my cute bow from Tokyo c:

funny style :D haha, i dont know if I like it or not...

Also, I tried on my wig after a long time..and. wow. dark hair really suits me T.T ( a few people have been telling me that blonde doesn't suit me at all.  I still don't think they're right, but..nah..)

my new profile pic on facebook ^^ hehe ~

I'm slowly running out of Diamond Lash T_______T Well, I still have enough, but I started to think about ordering it, LOL. I wanna go back to Japan so baaaaaaaaad T___T  I'm looking at my pictures like every day. Today, I was staring at my passport for like 10 minutes. LOL. I'm just daydreaming :(

I was talking to Taka not so long ago, he might visit me here next year :3 And I might visit him in France once he gets there ~ wow ~ would be nice, but... I'm pretty insecure. Actually, I'm pretty insecure about every current thing in my life.  I don't know why it is this way tho...

Well, I should get some sleep now. See you tomorrow! <3 (actually today. it's 1 am, lol)

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  1. a sötét tényleg jobb, de szerintem a szőke is nagyon jól áll :D

  2. I think you look great in blonde hair! The first hair style is very flattering.

    1. thank you so much ^^
      well, simple but awesome, right?:P