2012. augusztus 29., szerda

Blogging dead....

Dead physically, mentally, and emotionally.
The reason why I wasn't blogging for days is that I was waiting for something awesome to happen, to make me forget some not that awesome things. This something was the freshman camp.
I was waiting for it like crazy, but...My friends (classmates) were awesome as fuck, I couldn't imagine it without them. But I didn't really like the camp itself. Maybe thats because I dont like competitions, and I dont like being on stage or in front of more hundred strangers.
I still thought a lot of him and our last conversation which made me cry at random times. Awesome.
At least I was drunk for almost 3 days. Muhahahaha. Bad me.

Last week, I met Xee after a long time, and I was super happy to see him♥♥

no proper makeup T.T my bad ~~
 Also, my country celebrated National Day on the 20th of August

It was super hot that day! End of summer is supposed to be a bit colder, uh? NAY, I felt like dying.

Few makeup shots:

nothing special-outfit ~~

                                                                  Im off now ~ bye bye

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