2012. augusztus 9., csütörtök

Thinking about...

a lot of things. Today, I decided to write a bit next to posting pictures. I feel like writing all of my thoughts but I know I won't be able to.

First thoughts: the person who is as close to my heart as far he lives from me. Friendship changed to love. For me at least. And it's deep. It's not like that "honey-i-love-you-forever-because-you-are-the-cutest-guy-on-earth"-kind of thing. I would spend my whole life with him, seriously. BUT. He's really confusing sometimes. I've learned a lot of things since I got in touch with him ( more than a half year now? I guess..) I learned to wait. Wait when he stopped talking to me for almost one month without any explanations. I felt like dying. Wait when he stopped talking to me again because he was living in the past for a while... It was more painful than everything.. I'm sure I'm making it too serious for myself, but it took me a lot of power to "forgive". I just want to punch him in the face. Reeal hard. How can someone be this kind, caring but once in a while careless and cold? I don't wish him to be like for example my friend's bf, because I love him the way he is. With all his stupidity, weirdness, I even love how annoying he is sometimes. But I wish to know what goes on in his head. To be honest, I 've never thought like this about anybody before. Pretty weird, since we only talk on skype... fuck geography.

Second thoughts: becoming an adult. Today I told my mother that I wish to move out, since I became a university student, but things just got so complicated! so many troubles.. I would be okay with working next to studying, but... it's not that easy. Finding a job? nightmare ! But it would be so awesome :( living with friends in the city... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Third thoughts: I'm really proud of myself. I improved so much since I got into gyaru in december! I had so noob looks back then. hahaha. I think I should make a gyaru-evolution post of my style , would you like that?:D Humiliating myself is always funny, isn't it? LOL.

Anyways, yesterday, I met with some friends. We sat down in a park and had drinks! But I don't have any pictures :(

Oh, and yes. I'm going to get my first tattoo tomorrow. Stay tuned for THE pic, hahaha <33 I'm so damn excited!

Today's pic spam: Koshikawa Mami! O.M.G! She is my new favourite next to Suzuki Manami (Manya)

I can get so much inspiration from egg models! I love it!

Anyways, I'm going to sleep now ~ Good night c:

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