2012. augusztus 7., kedd


sorry for disappearing again, I was visiting relatives in the countryside, and didn't really have the ability to post anyways ~ Even now, I don't know what I should write about ~ I don't feel like writing about Greece. Not even about my time in the countryside. I don't know what to do. I feel doomed. And in this situation, talking about things doesnt help me at all...

[I posted on everyday_gyaru but it didn't get posted ._____. I wonder if it will someday ~]

although I can't talk about anything, I have lots and lots and lots of pictures! much more exciting than listening to my bullsh*t :)

with my mum on the beach in Rhodes city, hahaha

friend-taken pics <3


i had a lot of fun hahah

friend's cap, pretty natural makeup ~ fno falsies and no lenses ~
well.....thats me ~

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