2012. augusztus 15., szerda

Things that I love ~ Get to know me a bit better (: [LONG post!]

Hi guys!

Today, I decided to share a 'few' things that are important for me. No need for explanation I guess, lol

Of course, my gyaru inspirations :) For example, I never get bored of my magazines <3

Korean underground artists, who ALWAYS give my strength.




who gave the most <3 Nassun !

B-Free ~ he has more tattoos by now :P

J'Kyun. he actually proposed via twitter. haha. he was following me for almost a year, now, im unfollowed :( FML :D


 Okay, this will be strange, but:

ballet!♥ I'm falling in love. I did dance ballet in 1st and 2nd grade, but.. I don't really remember to be honest. hahaha. but now.. I love the beautiful, smooth moves, and that you can express you're feelings in an amazing way when you dance. simply perfect! I'll probably take private ballet classes when uni starts :)

My family :)

look at thos burnt bodies, hahaha mum <3

daddy ~~ matching outfits *w* lol

and obviously my friends <3 (it's impossible to list everyone)

daamn, i miss her <3

sweet old memories....

hahaha Rukitaina <3

well, I could write more but...honestly I'm getting tired of it hahaha. sorreeii :">

see you guys ^^

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