2012. szeptember 8., szombat


Heys ~~

3 days ago, my uni organized a "Freshman-camp afterparty". We (me and some friends from the Japanese department) decided to meet before the party and have some drinks together.It was awesome :) The party itself was okay, but the place was really expensive. i didn't buy any drinks there. I got to know a German guy and a French girl. They were awesome! The girl was so pretty, omg T________________T I should have taken a pic with her! TqT


w/ Rin <3

I dyed my hair a bit ligther! Also, I was messing with it before going out. check ^^

LOL @ my bangs

I bought an awesome hair spray !! it's got2b Megalomania. gives a really cool push up effect to my hair c:

sorry for the iPhone quality, STILL TwT

I had a great time with my ppl  (:
The day after, I went out with them again! hahaha.
I was a bit late though. Had to go to the dentist T.T

pretty simple makeup for that day.

im in L.O.V.E with my blonde hair.

instagram pic c:  (you can follow me @skinnyrichx


im out ~

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