2012. szeptember 21., péntek

Lifestyle changes, fashion changes, mind changes.


Im back to blogging after a week~ (obviously, as u can see lol.)
So a few things happened these days, let me share it with u guys ~~
Sziszi and I might get a job as hostesses, so we'll have enough money for the GAL MEET in Düsseldorf *-* We're already super excited lol ~~~~

other thing, because I'll probably get that job, I'll get my back piece started in November finallyy *-* Gonna take a few months to finish it. I'm a bit scared tho. The pain will be much stronger than next time. Just to show you something similar:

I literally CAN'T BREATHE when I look at these pictures. THEY.ARE.SO.FREAKIN.AWESOME.

This post's title says that a lot of things changed lately but I can't really talk about it. I can't explain it.I should have told it earlier. Now the magic is lost, hahaha. sorry ^^
I'm living my good (but still weird) uni life, living from day to day, enjoying every moment of it.


Now, picture time ~~

met her after a really long time, I was so happy <3

LOL & my contours

Candy Doll lipstick is glowing. LOL


Thats all for now ^^ I'm going to travel to the countryside tomorrow, with my parents and one of my good friends ~~ <3
see ya all ~
i'm out ~

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