2012. szeptember 4., kedd

First uni problems and a pretty awesome wishlist.

Hey cuties ~

Some of you might know that I'm starting uni life next week ~~ So yesterday was the day, where the students at my university can choose their subjects and also apply through a network, on the internet.
IT WAS COMPLETELY TERRIBLE. Imagine more thousand students trying to log in at the f***in same time. impossibru. So this network "Neptun" only let me get logged in after 2 hours of trying.
But I managed to have (almost) all the subjects I wanted. ^^
On mondays I only have to go after 11 am, I have a pretty tough Tuesday, but I have Wednesday off. Yay ~ Thursdays and Fridays are ok. ^^

Ohh, I bought some new stuff ^^. Take a look ~~

sorry for the iPhone quality ~~ I LOVE this skirt with those blood spots and razor blades *-* HellBunnyClothing ~~

this top always reminds me of Candy Doll T.T so cuuute <3

lace top

AND! As soon as I get some money, I will buy these *--------* [WISHLIST TIME]

the black one *-*

Oh, and I'm so thankful for shopping services. I already have my christmas wishlist, hahaha. But that comes much later.

Today's happening : I said goodbye to one of my best friends, Hongie T.T He is going to Australia for his studies. I'm gonna miss him so much TTTTT.TTTTT

oh yea, I ran out of eyelash glue T.T

Finally, MY UNI PEOPLE <3


freshman camp!

cuties <3

second "night" out with them, LOL

our two best Japanese-speakers ^3^

sorry, I HAD TO do this to my face

and finally, Bitch please :DDDDD
I'm out ~

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