2012. szeptember 11., kedd

Second day of uni and.... a GAL Meet that I want to attend TwT

Hey cuties ~~~

I feel quiet energetic now, although I had a sh*t of a day...
I had 4 classes (each 2 hours long) and 3 of them were Japanese. Well, the classroom was sooo small for the group, I couldnt even breath and I kept falling asleep and stuff.. LOL. I wanted to go home so bad D: I knew all the things that the teacher told us. Buuut, I have tomorrow off! *w*
Today's face:
unfortunately I didnt take any good pictures T3T
So! that gal meet... http://www.facebook.com/events/117626558386386/
tha name is "Int. GYARU Lovers Winter Meet" , held in Düsseldorf next january. And I wanna go so bad T.T But I would need at least 70.000 Fts (ca. 250 Euros) and thats a bit too much for me T.T I'll try to get that money anyways, but I dont know if I will succeed... T3T And I've never been to Düsseldorf and I wanna go!! :DDDDD Would be so awesome to meet everyone there ~~~

Im really tired, don't know what to write T.T
im out ~

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  1. I would be happy if you can make it!! I need 250 like you too /DD But remember you have about 3 months to save the money!! Good luck <3

    1. awww I would be really happy too ^^
      student life sucks, its much harder to save money TwT
      but thank youu <3

    2. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.