2012. május 13., vasárnap

Life is harsh :D

Hey cuties ~

I decided to write a longer post today. And luckily I have a few stories to tell, haha. Starting with yesterday's happenings.
There was this guy with a really dark (ORANGE?!) skin at the tanning salon. So, wow. He literally wanted to kiss me, and started hugging and touching me all over. Bwaaahhh....Didn't even know what to do, cuz my bestie already started her 6 minutes, and there was NOBODY not even in the salon, but on the streets as well. I got a SHOCK. So I tried to push him away and just prayed for someone to come in. When my bestie was already finished, we tried to get  out of that place asap, but the guy was just talking and talking and talking...Gosh, he really pissed me off. Do I look like a slut?? seriously. I'm glad I wasn't raped..........

After that we had to wait a LOT for the metro, cuz there was a football match with really aggressive fans, so there was a metro that didn't even stop, and the next one was full of riot police members. I have an obsession about riot police and commando stuff, so I was totally in love with those six guys standing around us.(There were more of them tho). So I stared especially at one guy, who was the tallest , and I think I got his attention too. Hahahahaha. One of the passengers(an older man) always tried to took pictures of them, while they wasn't looking, and it got REALLY AWKWARD after the 7th stop. Gosh :D Now, they were standing closer, next to us, cuz they kept people from getting on the metro(I dont know why...) So 2 of them were standing at each door. When they were finally about getting off, MY FAVE greeted us and said: "Goodbye, ladies". and Natsu died. hahaha. I could hardly reply because I was so surprised. Soooo after that, came the 2 hours of fangirling. I feel so sorry for my bestie. LOL. I immediately forgot that perv orange guy and was so happy, ^^""""

I know, it IS weird, but I can't help it c:

Today's thing is something different. At first, I didnt know if I should cry about it or smile, but I decided to smile :D  Gyaru Secrets is a really harsh,mean and pathetic site where girls from my style (gyaru) anonymously harrass each other about their looks, makeup, or whatever. Honestly, I find this extremely disgusting. TODAY, I had the possibility to show up on the site as well, along with my Rukitaina (<3). Someone said we did HORSE COSPLAY, and failed at GYARU. Anyways, everyone is protecting us : "but horses are cute" (LOL @ this one), "they look gorgeous." AND THE CUTEST ONE: "lol secret fail. they're obviously pretty ♥ they remind me of Yumachi and Aina a bit (not exactly)" She said we almost look like Yumachi and Aina <3333333333 We are so proud! :3 And we won't care about other's opinion. Fuck off, and get a life ;D

OMG, I almost forgot. I GRADUATED, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Still have 5 exams left, hahaha. but still :3

A few pics at the end, to calm down, haha: 

 Today's favourite <3 :
With my family at the graduation ceremony :3
 Old pic :3
 OMG, older me..too colorful :D

baibaiii ~~~

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