2012. május 15., kedd

Outfit and some make-up. AND INSPIRATION.

Heya, I'm here again ^^
Yesterday I showed my unique style to the world, so it was a mix of gyaru AND Natsu. I hope u like it ~ My hair looked a bit gyaru-o tho, haha. [taken with my phone, not that good >.<]

OH, talking about my phone, let me show u my very first deco-den:
couldn't find better pic of it >.< and sorry about my face, too.

Soo, continuing with yesterday's and today's make-up (looked all the same haha):

I can't wait to get my new lenses >.< They should arrive this week >.<
Anyways, I promised you some inspirational stuff for today. So, here it is :)

These are my favourites that I found.
To be honest, I'm really really tired now, but I promised someone that I'll stay up late, til it will be morning in his country. It will be a strong fight. Sorry for cutting the end of the post, but I... >.< I just can't finish it now >.<

Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeiii ~~

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