2012. május 28., hétfő

Happy but frustrated ~

Hey cuties ~ Sorry for coming late ~
I was busy getting myself to study and getting over some bad things...
But now, I feel extremely excited. But that thing comes later. At least when it will be 100% sure.

Okay, so, today, I went for a short walk with my parents. Brought my new bag with me (used it for the first time haha, I LOVE IT) and dressed up casually. Here it is:
Didn't want to put on the sweater, but it was a bit cold, and a bit rainy as well.
I was wearing the Sesame Grey ones today. And they were pretty uncomfortable.They got dry fast. Otherwise, when I was wearing them, and was looking at my laptop, my visions were literally blurred. A bit disappointing, but I still love them.

A couple of pics from these days:

I cut my wig bangs! Looks much better now. c: Not the best pic of me tho. Haha.

I think I should change my make-up a bit. But just don't know where to start.. T^T
I want to change a lot before summer, actually. Going to dye my hair blonde. Decided to get pink stripes in it along with my lovely and beautiful Rukitaina <3 We are going to be twins c:

SHOUTOUT TO HER: utállak ribanc.

Anyways, it's going to be a fun summer, after I pass all my final exams (: And we arrived to the reason why I feel frustrated. ;____________________________________;

I think that's all for tonight. C:
byebyee ~

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