2012. május 14., hétfő

Trying to blog about nothing in the morning

Hi guys ~
I really feel like blogging now but I just don't know what to write. So I guess I'll just go random ~
Since I don't have to go to school in May, I have enough time to prepare for the exams in June. I'm soooo scared. I lose all my speaking skills when it comes to oral exams.

I look like this when I have to talk to my teachers during exam: 
Other things now. I'm considering buying Diamond Lash stuff, cuz I don't seem to be able to wait til I go to Japan... And that will be only after summer... I'm not a patient person, everybody knows it. ^^"
I spend money reeeally really easily, and this is ruining my financial status, LOL. But there are waaaaaaaaaay too many things I love and want to buy.. ;_____; for example these:

They will be the next gift for myself
Okay, enough for now, haha. See you later ~~

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