2012. május 16., szerda

4 new pairs of contact lenses ~~ !! ♥

Today, the contact lenses finally arrived :3 I was soooo happy, and I still am of course.
Okay, don't worry, these aren't all mine :D We ordered together with a few of my friends, cuz the site has a minimum amount of order. Ohh, the site : www.eyeluver.com . They ship from Malaysia, I think it's a kind of wholesale, that's why it's so cheap. Love it!

I choosed a Nudy Blue, Bambi Sesame Grey, the Chocolate Brown one of the GEO Bambi series, and a black one called Komy Black. My favourite is the Sesame Grey *-*

My hair looks YELLOW. OwO Sorry about that, it's basically blonde.

It covers the natural color of my eyes ALMOST perfectly, of course with flash it's more conspicuous.

BAMBI CHOCOLATE BROWN  ♥ Looks exactly like in the pictures on the site, and is soooo pretty!

It doesnt have that enlarging effect, so it can be called "natural". Maybe, haha. I love it so much! Although I don't like my brown eyes, I love this brown color.
Ohh, sorry about covering my face, I couldn't take a good picture, haha.

the next one: Princess Nudy Blue
Nudy is supposed to be bright, isn't it? Shame on my eyes, they are really dark, so it got that darker blue color. But still nice ♥ They were really dry at the first time, but the second time, they became comfortable.

And the biggest surprised for me: Komy Black!
THEY ARE HUGE O_____O When I first looked at them I couldn't find out how I will manage this to get on my eyes. Seriously, it's big. And a bit creepy at first. But

You maybe can't see it on this pictures, it's more spectacular without make-up.

There is only one thing I'm not satisfied with. They didn't send the lens cases I ordered. I don't know buy. But well, I don't mind, I'm going to buy them tomorrow at Rossmann :D:D
Finally a really happy thing ♥ I was in a bad mood yesterday, after I visited the dermatologist. Ok, I don't want to think about it again. Just be happy with my new cuties

See you lateeer ~~~

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  1. Wááá, de gyönyörűeeeek *w* De várom már, hogy az enyémek is nálam legyenek ♥

  2. I think it’s the princess nudy blue that looks best on you. You’re like an American girl – a blonde and blue-eyed hottie. :D On the other hand, I suggest you change your contact solution if you feel your lens drying up again. Otherwise, you might turn into a red-eyed woman. :D

    Maverick Pitt

    1. thank you ^^ i'd rather be a Japanese girl tho, hahaha. I can't really change my solution since they are pretty expensive here,so... we'll see. I dont really want to have red eyes :D:D