2012. június 24., vasárnap

Became lazy again -3- (5 DAYS!!) and a Wishlist ~

First of all, soooo so so sorry ToT in the beginning I was a bit busy with my exams, and after I finished them I got so tired of everything -w-
But I'm heere finally! And I started to get my stuff together for next friday. Yaaaaay ~~ !!

A few pictures from these days:

Went out to Starbucks to study ~

my friend had his birthday party yesterday, and this was my make-up ^^

tried a new eyemake about one or two weeks ago ~

ate some seafood *-* although I'm a vegetarian I still love seafood.

bought a cute new wallet ~

a big storm around 3 am, a few days ago , haha~

 Soooo, 5 days and I'm going to Japan. I still can't believe it. Can't wait to meet my Japanese friends for the first time. OMG OwO Sooooo excited ~~ I still have to buy a few things tho ~ For example an inverter .__.  Seems like they dont sell this thing xD It's almost impossible to find.

OH! I almost forgot about my Tokyo Wishlist. Things that I want to buy in Tokyo! Let me share it with u guys ^^

CANMAKE PRODUCTS!♥ I'm absolutely in love with Canmake.

UV Silky Fit Foundation - I've heard a lot of good things about this foundation, can't wait to try it out!
 Cover&Strech Concealer - If you guys know who Kim Dao is, she recommended this concealer and I want to give it a chance ^^ 

UV White Clear Essence Base - Not too expensive, but looks good ~ Wanted to try the Milky Moist Base instead of this, but my skin isn't dry, so I need an oil-free makeup base. ^^

Nose Shadow Powder - Need to improve my highlighting skills, so I decided to try this one ^^
And it's pretty cheap!

 Make Cover Mist - This is like a spray you can use on your face after u put on all your make up.

 Coloring Eyebrow - Eyebrow mascara! Actually, I decided to try Canmake ones because the Dolly Wink eyebrow mascaras are too expensive T.T

 CANMAKE BB CREAM!(Perfect Serum BB Cream) - This one looks soo cute! And I think it's cheap ^^


I definitely want to buy Angel Eye. Actually this is the only exact thing I want to pick out, I don't know the other ones yet, haha.

 I want to get a Dolly Wink Eyelash Case, since it's so cute:

 Talking about Dolly Wink, a lot of people have been telling that the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner is really good, so I think I will try it out ^^

PALTY!♥ Sparkling Blonde and Gold Brown also. Will try the Sparkling Blonde first, if it doesn't work well I still can use the darker one, haha.

 MAJOLICA MAJORCA PUFF DE CHEEKS blushes♥ Of course I don't want to buy all of them :D I like the light pink one ^^

I love 02, the baby pink one! looks so pretty ^^ Didn't find pic of it tho :(

The last makeup item is Candy Doll Vanilla Beige Lipstick

 I'm planning to get some clothes also. Going to spend a lot of time in Ichimarukyu, haha. (and money too?! :D I don't know yet. Can't spend so much money, although I really want to, haha :D)
We'll see ^^ I'm going to blog every day from Tokyo! Get ready, haha ^^ 

That's all for today, byebyee ~~

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  1. *_* sooo many pretty thingssssss *_*

  2. yeeeees *___* cant wait to get them <3

  3. love your eye makeup!
    I tried the palty sparkling blonde a couple of years ago, the result was... not so good, lol. hope it works better for you!

    1. Thank you!^^

      Ohh! what color was your hair before dying? I looked up more reviews and the results are so different :D I cant decide if it will work for me or not .. :D