2012. június 30., szombat

First day of my dream♥

Hey cutieeeeeeees! Sorry, I wasn't able to blog yesterday, I fucked up my laptop's keyboard with some soy sauce, hahaha. but now it's ok :3
We had a ca. 2 hours long flight from Budapest to Amsterdam, and more 11-12 hours to Tokyo.
Honestly, I was really afraid of myself(LOL) because I'm terrified of flying, BUT! I liked it o3o
Well, we had to deal with a lot of turbulence on our way to Tokyo, but it was ok. I don't know how I survived :D I'm so proud ^^ hahaha ~

Soooo.Tokyo. I'm here. My hotel is so cute ~ It's perfect ^^ After we arrived and I checked in(with some translator help, haha) we had some rest, and then went to discover a bit of Akabane. This place is awesooome! Has a lot of cool stuff :D I bought 2PM's Beautiful, UKISS' Tick Tack and MBLAQ's Your luv <333 although I didn't want to spend any money on my first day =____= But it was extremely cheap!! (500, 105(!!) and 950 yen. woooow!!)

The pictures. I guess it would take like a whole life to Blogger to upload my pictures, so I decided to make my Tokyo pics public on facebook, you can check them there if you are interested c:

Today, we are going to Asakusa ^^ I'm skipping the breakfast, hahaha. I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!

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