2012. június 9., szombat

Inspirational day and Raina Ogami.

Hey ~ :3
Let's just start with yesterday(its already1:25 am lol) morning. I woke up  feeling like a zombie, didn't know what time it was, didn't even know what year it was, all I knew was that I have to get ready for Hongie's grad. ceremony <3
So I did my makeup (nothing special so I don't have picture of it:) without bottom lashes. That's because of that I didn't want to be so "flashy" , cuz I don't think people at a Christian school are used to gyaru fashion.
The ceremony was good, the speeches were awesome. They had a slideshow with the students' picture, name and future plan. I almost cried when I saw Hongie and it reminded me of that I have to say goodbye to him, before he goes to Australia for university.... makes me so sad ;______________; It isn't easy, to let one of your best friends go... but what can I do about it... just pray for him to be happy and successful in life

By the way, I decided to write a To do-list and a To buy- list for Japan, haha. It will make me so happy for sure :D I'm already so happy that I wanted to start packing today, hahaha. Nevermiiiind. 

PICTURE SPAM Part 1., Raina Ogami, a new fav

Beautiful face shape *-*

 That's all for now ^^ byebyee ~~

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