2012. július 29., vasárnap

Leopard print post! ♥

So as I promised, here is the post dedicated to all my leopard-print stuff, haha ~~

Didn't have another pic of it, but leopard print makeup brush set ♥

I got this iPhone case in Greece *-*

summer hat ~

little bag from a few years ago ~

new sunglasses also from Greece ♥

huge bag ~ didn't remove the KLM "approved cabin baggage" thingy since I came home from Japan, hahaha

platform sneakers from Odaiba ~

pretty top ~

not only leopard print, but ♥♥

ashtray thingy from Japan ~

bracelet ~

shorts from Ichimarukyu ~
I also have a leopard-printed bra and bikini too. but I won't show those, LOL
That's all I think ^^ I love this things so much ♥

By the way, I had a terrible night ;____; (except that I was talking to the person who means almost the most for me)  I didn't want to sleep early, and I started to feel sleepy around 3 am. I was about going to sleep. BUT. during the afternoon, an insect came into my room, and it just disappeared. When I switched off the lights, it started to JUMP AROUND ;___; it was a grasshopper-like thingy, bwaaaahh ;____; I screamed so loud xD In the end I got so exhausted that I didn't care about it anymore, and just fell asleep. Woke up too early ;____;

That was me today xD byebyee ♥

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