2012. október 2., kedd

Hello October.

Hey guys,

I think I should finally catch up with blogposts, but too many things are happening in my life at the moment. And most of them arent even good ones. Soooo... I feel pretty doomed. My health is also fucked up, so I have to work on making it better. Starting to eat more, and most of all, I have to start eating meat again.....Only chicken meat, but still......
I have to cut down on partying and drinking too. *sigh*
Anyways, I'm still trying to find the positive things and I've been succesful, I think.
It's official now, Sziszi and me are going to Düsseldorf to meet the other gals <3 I'm so exciteed >.<

Also, I'm getting some money this week so I'm gonna buy this today:
Can't wait to wear it TwT

About things in general, university is getting busy, I have to learn kanjis, words and verbs, and have to practice talking TwT
Oh, and I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow!^^ So I HAVE TO post about that, lol

enough random stuff, now pictures.

I went to an Asian party on saturday, curled my hair after a long time again T3T

As I like curly hair a lot, I decided to wake up much earlier today and curl my hair to school, and it turned out pretty good. But after, it was raining like crazy.... So I went to school with hair like this:

And got home with this crap on my head LOL:
My hair sucks TwT
And finally, Mega-Sandwich a'la my university:

good night ~~

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