2012. október 16., kedd

アメーバ ~~

I finally registered to Ameba, to get to practice Japanese more and more, as it's getting harder and harder at university T.T I'll try to blog a bit in Japanese, but please be patient x3 I nearly have no idea how to use it lol ~~ But feel free to visit me there ^^


Otherwise, I'm not in a good condition at all. But me no likes whining, so sorry bros.
This is gonna be a happy post ^^

We had a night out with uni people, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures T.T
The next day was the day of Mondocon 2012, Budapest's autumn animecon. I only went to the first day tho. Cuz I was exhausted on Sunday, I had to study, and it was raining.
I arrived REALLY late with my friend (because of the night before LOL) so we spent there a good 2,5 hours lol. Was fun tho :3

Also, my stuff was shipped from China a few days ago, so I'll get it in a max of 2 weeks I guess. Can't wait to show u what I got *-* ALSOOO, can't wait to go to Düsseldorf with Sziszii ~Sad thing tho that the others won't be there with us TT (Swagepoyo <3)

I decided to make my own gyaru-revolution post too, Ive been hesitating for a couple of weeks now, but who cares, I'm gonna do it :D LOL. Embarrassed in advance.

Anyways, I'm gonna go off to study some more kanjis.See you guys ~

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