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Becoming a gyaru , November 2011-October 2012 (picture heavy!)

Yo! ^^

In my previous post I told u guys that I will make this  post, so here you go! (Warning: at some parts, u better cover your eyes,and also Im not responsible for any mental breakdowns or anything)

November, 2011. At this time, I didn't wear bottom lashes because they aren't really sold in my country. So I didn't look gyaru at all, LOL


This pic is just LOL. Still couldn't use bottom lashes cuz I couldn't get them *sigh* Also I was still stuck with my street fashion-fanatism
I dyed my bangs blonde in early January. in this picture I tried out normal lashes as bottom lashes, haha

February,oh. I think I started to improve, if even just a little bit. Still awkward tho..

not much to say, but I loved these contact lenses so much T.T

March..well...I found only one picture from March TwT I just cut my hair short and didn't show any improvement, BUT! in early April, I finally ordered bottom lashes, so I almost (really almost) looked as a gyaru should look. Maybe.



one of my first attempts with bottom lashes...well... I looked....funny.
May. I found only one "okay" pic again..

I think by this time I was okay. I like my hair here 8D

June & July! The two months I'm most satisfied with. In June my exams took all my time but at the end of the month, and early July, I WENT TO TOKYO! And it was definitely a huge step for me on the way of Gyaru ~ My makeup wasnt that excellent tho....In fact, NOT AT ALL. lol.

the day right before I went to the city of my dreams ~ LOL

And the miracle began, LOL.

After spending one week in Tokyo, I changed. like...like really changed D:

August! Freshman camp, millions of drinks, and...just summer

September, when uni started ^^ I loved being a blonde so much T3T

However, now, in October, I dyed my hair again TwT

late September-Early october, still blonde..


I dont really like it tho.... but well, this was my gyaru revolution, ~~~~
Whenever you think that u suck at the style, look at my picture, and remember...EVERYONE HAS THE CHANCE, THERE'S STILL HOPE 8DD
see ya guys later <3

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  1. sorry to say that, but u were so cute in 2011...but now...i love gyaru...but this is horrible


    1. well, I wasn't even gyaru back in 2011, i was just a wannabe :D but well, thats life.

  2. I actually really like that outfit with the beige coat, haha. Your makeup has improved a lot :)

    1. thank you ^^ i kinda miss that hairstyle ~~
      Yea it definitely has! :D And I'm proud :D:D

  3. you improved a lot baby <3 and you do it better than I ever did LOL u know you're my fav hun gal <3

    1. You liar ! u're still the No. 1 Hungarian gal <33