2012. október 15., hétfő

Introducing our gal circle 'Swagepoyo' !

Hey cuties ~

I'm pretty much neglecting my blog again (TT") but for now I wanna introduce our gal cir which is currently the only one in Hungary. (Not the first tho)

So the name is : Swagepoyo

Members are:


  • Birthday: December 19. (keeping her age in secret, LOL)
  • Favourite brands: Adidas, Buzz Spunky, d.i.a., LIP SERVICE
  • Inspirations: Sayoko Ozaki, Shizuka Takeda, Kanako Kawabata, Manami Suzuki, Yui Minemura, Reiko Ide
  • She's aiming to be a great dancer in the future. I'm sure she will succeed


  • DOB: 1994.10.10.
  • Favourite brands: Jesus Diamante, La Pafait, Liz Lisa, MA*RS, W♥C
  • Inspirations: Sakurina, Tsubasa Masuwaka


  • DOB. 1995.08.08.
  • Favourite brands: BOY, Promode, Louis Vuitton, Chanel
  • Inspirations: Sayoko Ozaki, Anna Fujita, Nemoyayo, (SOMETIMES XD) Manya



  • DOB: 1995.02.12.
  • Favourite brands: Liz Lisa, MA*RS, d.i.a., galaxxxy, COCOLULU
  • Inspirations: Kanako Kawabata, Mipochi, Neeko, Re:NO,Sakurina
  • Her favourite styles are rokku, ora ora and amekaji


  • DOB: 1994.03.20. (I'm actually the oldest member and it feels scary ._____.)
  • Favourite brands: d.i.a., CRAZYTRIBE, SLANGY
  • Inspirations: Mipochi, Areinyan, Manya, Sakochi, Yumachi, Kate Riho, Raina Ogami
  • I found myself in ora ora-kei 

Actually I'm so proud of ourselves (Ruki and me), cuz we've been able to gather these few Hungarian gals together. I'm so happy ^^. We changed the cir's name not so long ago, originally our name was "Flashback", but then Ruki came up with this idea which I liked A LOT. Ruki previously was a member of another gyarusa called "Beiguri", but they're going on separate ways now. Chiyo was also there with her so we formed "Flashback" together. Then I got to know Sziszi and thought that she would really fit in the group (we need a cute hime haha ♥). Nico's joining was suggested by Ruki.

Although she is living in another town, we're happy to have her with us ~~

Like our facebook page, if you want to ^^ 

Show us some love ^^ 

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  1. Válaszok
    1. One day I heard Ruki saying it and I fell in love too xD I wanted this to be the group's name and they agreed, haha

    2. I never thought you'll like it this much XD it's just sounded funny and cool so I just told you hahaha and now well that's how we do :D Swagepoyo bitch!

    3. fckin awesome !! :D:D
      swag check XD