2012. október 8., hétfő

Oh well..


I was really busy during this last few days, cuz my bestie had a Korean guest at her place, but since she was working almost every day, I was the one to show the guy around in the city ~~
He is really cool , hitchhiking all the way from Korea to Europe, WOW! I was happy to meet him, also his other friends who stayed in Budapest ~~

Here is a pic of me and him:

Oh yes, I went to the hairdresser last week ~~ Didn't want my hair to be THIS dark, but I still got that small blondie part at the top LOL. I want to make it grey/silver, but Im waiting for my hair to recover a bit >.<

I f*cked up my makeup, cuz I was in a hurry, lol TwT

went to partyy ~~

So anyways, university is gettin a bit harder, I have to study a lot of Japanese... (I'd rather say I would have to, but I'm really trying hard!) Can't wait for the autumn break to start T.T wanna go to the countryside so bad, and have some rest ~~ I haven't been feeling really well lately...not physically, but rather emotionally and stuff like that...

But I still got today's inspirations <333

I'm gonna be like this in the future <3 (except the Natural 9 guy, LOL.)

see ya~~

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