2012. július 2., hétfő

First and second day in Tokyo ^^

 Blogger is just fucking up all my efforts to blog. I CAN'T UPLOAD PICTURES. and it doesnt work only for me. Thank you blogger, much appreciated.

Well, we had our first complete day here. We planned to visit around Asakusa but we just simply walked to Ryougoku and then Akihabara, LOL. It was soooo nice! We did some purikuras as well! and bought a lot of CDs (again -.-) and three EGGs<333 (May,June,and July ones) I think I shouldn't say this, but I still can't believe that I'm in Tokyo :D I feel sooo so so extremely happy and lucky.
 Although it was raining in the afternoon, I enjoyed this day. People were staring at us sooo much. funny :D Ohh! and I bought the Palty Sparkling Blonde too. going to dye my hair tomorrow, yaaay^^ bit scared tho ~~ haha

 Okay,so, today we couldn't do much cuz Kaorin got a bit sick so.. I didn't know what to do at first but then Tomo came into my mind, so I just decided to meet him ~ We had such a greeeeeat day!! and his english is so damn awesome! I'm really really surprised :D We just walked around in Akabane, nothing special. I loved it tho. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <33

pictures still here :

baibai ~~ ^^

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