2012. július 20., péntek

Sugar! Shop and parapara

Since I can't upload my next video yet, I'm going to write about yesterday.
I finally met Ruki after a long time <333
We went to a confectionery called Sugar Shop. I love that place sooo much! Looks incredibly cute and they have yummmmmy cakes .____. ♥ I had some cheesecake-milk rice:

chilling at a park~

my beautyqueen <3
I asked Ruki to teach me some parapara when we arrived to a park after eating, so we started dancing. Until a photographer guy noticed us and started to take pictures. hahahaha

cutie c:
my outfit data: top: d.i.a.
                        shorts: Takaraya
                        belt: d.i.a.
                        shoes: offbrand from Harajuku

I'm also happy to announce our new Gyaru-sa FLASHBACK! Show us some love ^^ You can find us on facebook too ~~

see you c:

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